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add to favorites Seeking Comfrey Root cuttings For Exchange
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I am looking for some comfrey root cuttings, preferably Blocking 4, but blocking 14 would be alright as well, OR wild comfrey. I have organic heirloom tomato seeds to trade, here are the varieties I have available:

1.) Ground Cherry
2.) O.S.U. Blue
3.) Red Seaberry
4.) Striped
5.) Golden Egg
6.) Snow Berry Cherry
7.) Ananis Noire (Black Pineapple)
8.) Green Tomatillo
9.) Beefsteak
10.) Malachite Reds
11.) Cherokee Purple
12.) Golden Cherry
13.) Sub Arctic Plenty (authentic)
14.) Black Cherry
15.) Yellow Pear
16.) Malachite Green
17.) Green Moldavan
18.) Russian Black Krim
19.) Mortgage Lifter
20.) Tiny Tims
21.) Transparent Cherry
22.) Yellow Brandywine
23.) Fuzzy Peach
24.) Silvery Fir Tree Tomato
25.) Orange Banana
27.) Japanese Black Trifele
28.) Pearly Pink Cherry
29.) Aunt Ruby’s German Cherry
30.) Italian Tree (our most popular slicer)
31.) Carbon Purple
32.) Czech Bush
33.) Black Brandywine
34.) Grub’s Mystery Green
35.) Hillbilly Potato Leaf (flame)
36.) China Blues
37.)Green vernissage
38.) Berkley pink tye dye
39.) white wonder
40.) Russian purple
41.) Red Zebra
42.) Mini Orange
43.) Lemon Plum

I also have Kentucky wonder beans, and blue lake bush beans, english breakfast radish seeds, cilantro, marketmore 76 cucumbers, white wonder cucumbers, green arrow peas, oregon sugar pod 2 peas, and golden sweet peas. Contact me if interested in trading for some root cuttings, or even a crown or plant

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