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  Title Sun Requirements Seed Sale or Exchange Picture
add to favorites Seeking Comfrey Root cuttings For Exchange
No Picture
I am looking for some comfrey root cuttings, preferably Blocking 4, but blocking 14 would be alright as well, OR wild comfrey. I have organic heirloom tomato seeds to trade, here are the varieties I have available:

1.) Ground Cherry
2.) O.S.U. Blue
3.) Red Seaberry
4.) Striped
5.) Golden Egg
6.) Snow Berry Cherry
7.) Ananis Noire (Black Pineapple)
8.) Green Tomatillo
9.) Beefsteak
10.) Malachite Reds
11.) Cherokee Purple
12.) Golden Cherry
13.) Sub Arctic Plenty (authentic)
14.) Black Cherry
15.) Yellow Pear
16.) Malachite Green
17.) Green Moldavan
18.) Russian Black Krim
19.) Mortgage Lifter
20.) Tiny Tims
21.) Transparent Cherry
22.) Yellow Brandywine
23.) Fuzzy Peach
24.) Silvery Fir Tree Tomato
25.) Orange Banana
27.) Japanese Black Trifele
28.) Pearly Pink Cherry
29.) Aunt Ruby’s German Cherry
30.) Italian Tree (our most popular slicer)
31.) Carbon Purple
32.) Czech Bush
33.) Black Brandywine
34.) Grub’s Mystery Green
35.) Hillbilly Potato Leaf (flame)
36.) China Blues
37.)Green vernissage
38.) Berkley pink tye dye
39.) white wonder
40.) Russian purple
41.) Red Zebra
42.) Mini Orange
43.) Lemon Plum

I also have Kentucky wonder beans, and blue lake bush beans, english breakfast radish seeds, cilantro, marketmore 76 cucumbers, white wonder cucumbers, green arrow peas, oregon sugar pod 2 peas, and golden sweet peas. Contact me if interested in trading for some root cuttings, or even a crown or plant
add to favorites all purple sweet potatoes For Exchange, For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
No Picture
i purchased organic 120 dtm all purple sweet potato slips June 2013, planted them and got small roots from them.

i really need to be planting 90-95 dtm (short season) sweet potatoes here in zone 5a.

anyway, these sweet potatoes i dug up in october 2013 are in my pantry sprouting, i will not be using them so if you want to trade or pay for shipping, they can be yours!
probably 7-10, maybe 6
add to favorites have- black currant & dolgo crabapple cuttings For Exchange
No Picture
please email for my wishlist
add to favorites looking to trade For Exchange
No Picture
I am looking for scuppernong grape and seedless grape cuttings Will trade large, cantaloupe, cucumber and large bell peppers seeds
add to favorites RASPBERRIES For Exchange
No Picture
I have Raspberry plants that have decided to spread beyond their containment area in my yard. I will be digging up the jail breakers and offering them for exchange in the next few weeks. These plants produce large fruits from mid Summer till late October here in Central Wisconsin. I'm looking for any wild edibles that need very little attention. I am the worlds laziest gardner. If it grows in the woods, or ditch, without any help from mankind...I'm all about it! Wild asparagus, road side pears, pulms, wild grapes, you name it. As long as it's hardy and I don't have to fuss with it.
add to favorites Wild Ginger - Asarum caudatum
No Picture
I will have 40-60 rhizomes of wild ginger to be harvested in about two weeks. Would trade straight up for galangal or will sell in multiples of 5. Price is $8 plus $3 S/H for every 5 rhizomes ordered. Orders accepted as they arrive, up to limit of supply. Please include name, shipping address, and email.

Plant immediately or refrigerate. Grown in Zone 5. Sorry, no international shipments at this time.
add to favorites Looking for hop Rhizomes or seeds For Exchange
No Picture
hops any varieties
add to favorites FIG and other plant cuttings For Exchange
No Picture
Hello I am looking for cutting of the following plants-
goji berry
thornless blackberry
fig (already have turkey brown and black mission fig)

I can trade for black mission fig cutting and turkey brown fig

Herbs: feverfew, mexican marigold or tithonia, zinnia, long chilli(not that hot, dried it's got a great flavor)
common oregano
muscadine grape cuttings(seeds present)
mountain mint
lemon thyme
Calendula seeds from my plant that's seeding now.
marigold seeds
zinnia seeds
hollyhock-germinates very fast.
add to favorites Jade For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
No Picture
harvested 2012
add to favorites AGASTACHE BERBERI TUTTI FRUTTI For Exchange
Wonderful!** Three foot flower spikes of darker pink flowers lasting several months. Minty fruit scented leaves. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. I do not see seed, but takes on readily from cuttings. Cuttings bloom within 90 days. Full to part Sun

add to favorites CUTTINGS: Pink/Peach Turks Cap For Exchange
3-5 ft perennial Turk's Cap but in the more rare color of peach. This one is not as much pink as it is peach colored. Stands up to heavy heat from Texas and returns after a freeze. Starts blooming in May-June and runs until the frost. Multiplies readily from cuttings. Can be brought into the greenhouse in a pot in cold climates. I have it in full sun, part sun and shade. It seems to bloom best in the full sun. Cuttings taken can be placed direcly in soil with little to no wilt. Will bloom from cutting first year.

add to favorites NEED HELP! For Free
No Picture
I have an awesome friend who has a fruit tree orchard. She knows nothing about them, they were there when she bought the land a few months ago.
It has several kinds of apple, peach, pear and plum trees.
She told me that I could have any cuttings that I wanted!!!! But, I need to find out how to take a cutting and start a new tree. Does anyone on here know how or what I need to do to make them grow in my yard? I would appriciate any and all help! Thanks!
add to favorites Lemon Balm cuttings for trade/exchange For Exchange
No Picture
I have "lemon balm" cuttings for trade, for whatever I can grow in Texas (seeds, cuttings, flowers, herbs, anything!). And oh-so-fragrant! I am new to this site and trading altogether, new to gardening as well, so, advice on how to send this and how to grow what is traded for would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
add to favorites Forsythia suspensa For Exchange
Common Name: weeping forsythia
Type: Deciduous shrub
Family: Oleaceae
Zone: 5 to 8
Native Range: China
Height: 6 to 10 feet
Spread: 6 to 10 feet
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Low
Tolerates: Clay Soil, Black Walnuts, Deer
Uses: Hedge
Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Adapts to wide range of soils. Best flower production in full sun. Prune immediately after spring flowering (wide range of pruning options include simply removing old stems and shaping to cutting back to the ground to revitalize). If left alone, plants may colonize an area over time because weeping branches often root where they touch the ground.

Noteworthy Characteristics

This species of forsythia (sometimes commonly called weeping forsythia) is an upright, arching, deciduous shrub most noted for its weeping habit. As a shrub, it typically grows 6-10' tall and as wide, but weeping branches may be trained on a support structure to grow somewhat taller as a woody vine. Opposite, serrate, ovate, simple to trifoliate, medium green leaves (to 4" long). No appreciable fall color. This species is native to China and is one of the parents of the popular Forsythia x intermedia hybrids.
No serious insect or disease problems. Some susceptibility to leaf spot and crown gall. Although vegetatively winter hardy to USDA Zone 5, the flower buds are sometimes damaged by cold winter temperatures and late freezes in Zone 5.
Zones 5-8
add to favorites Blackberry or Fig Cuttings for Mulberry For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
No Picture
I have a mature and extremely health Fig tree in the back. Prolific producer. They are growing in central texas black gumbo clay with lots of worm castings at the moment. I have several large cuttings rooting in pots.
You'd receive layered cuttings cut from the main tree with healthy roots.I am happy to send pics of the layered fig cuttings and the tree they came from.

--Blackberry -Thorned Nursery Variety
Also have several blackberry root cuttings to trade.

Id like to trade for any type of small young mulberry trees.
add to favorites Elderberry For Exchange
No Picture
Elderberry from Wikipedia:

Sambucus (elder or elderberry) is a genus of between 5 and 30 species of shrubs or small trees in the moschatel family, Adoxaceae. It was formerly placed in the honeysuckle family, Caprifoliaceae, but was reclassified due to genetic evidence. Two of its species are herbaceous.

Trade for cuttings of figs or other plant seed.
add to favorites unknown brown Fig For Exchange
No Picture
Good bearer of brown figs. Thrives in south Arkansas. A couple nights at 14 F did not affect it.

Cuttings for trade for other fig varieties.

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