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This site has grown into the number one free seed swap site in the world! There are great seed swap sites out there that require a membership fee and they use the money to do good. But, this site is free because so many people in the world are living through hard times and they cannot afford, or justify the fee. If you are one of those who are blessed and doing well, I ask you to please consider a donation to help us keep this site free. Your help will help others...
  Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties!
It is really easy to breed your own varieties of vegetables. You could breed a new variety of tomato, pepper, watermelon or anything you like and name it after yourself, your spouse, or even your dog. You can even take an existing hybred and turn it into an open pollinated variety. If you love the many different varieties of vegetables, you may be the one to develope the next super productive garden vegetable everybody wants.
Pick up a copy of Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties right now and get started!
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The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds
322 Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs
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