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  Title Sun Requirements Seed Sale or Exchange Picture
add to favorites We also went back to a system For Exchange
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We also went back to a system of bodies enhanced to manage the population and to introduce Rates busy.XP very best resources - Some people have questioned XP rates from the activities of the global event C forget that most of your XP can win the XP lamps from the mayors of events. In general, these are balanced very competitive in comparison with other rates activities.What to [God] C. The Battle of Lumbridge is the first global event of the Sixth Age, and others will follow later in the year. The first world was supposed to be a scene of intense and focused, but weve got broader and very different plans for which the outcome future.Event C Theresa clear favorite at the moment, so it's a foregone conclusion? Of course not! There is still a long way to go, with many evolutions of the battle that was released, and still have to see how many players will swap to collect. Two sets of rewards It is worth noting that the end result affects only the history, so the winning side usually affect your remuneration remuneration C so follow your heart :) Seasonal HiScoresMore! More! C, we have a lot of very good suggestions for more hiscores season have seen, so be sure to take the best ideas and implement future updates them out. Skills C Theres a lot of requests for key skill hiscores also has versions of the season. This is definitely something we want to do later in the NIS Interface System Overall year.New been very well received, but it is fair to say that there have been a few minor problems for some players and ignorance was staggering. We were very happy with the basic principles of the NIS, but that does not mean you can not continue to improve, and so on to listen and evolve the system with its feedback.In the future weve plans to major improvements for things like GE interfaces quest log, bank, and therefore listen to their suggestions at every step of the way. Currently focuses on iron out the kinks, and then shift our attention to some of them below based on your feedback cill list of improvements: small screens C Your feedback has emphasized that people with smaller screen resolutions sent to get as much as you as NIS.
add to favorites It has a 2 square blast radius
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In another thread about the same subject, a Mod told me the thread was long abandoned, and I'd be better off making a thread of my own, so here I am. I'd like to say that magic seems like it's got the short end of the stick in PvP, I'm not joking, I'll admit, I exaggerated out of irritation in my last debate, so I won't do it here. Note: this will be on the ABILITIES THEMSELVES, however, you can use magic in general to help back up your agreement/disagreementFirst I have some rules to go over, please respect them or I'll have to ask you to leave.1. No insults, flaming, one-liners, trolling of any kind, if you're not gonna take this seriously, please leave. 2. STAY ON TOPIC WHEN YOU CAN, even I am guilty of breaching this rule sometimes, the only exception is when you're discussing spells/weapons and their relation to the abilities. 3. No petty comments like ''magic is supposed to be weak, you just have to accept it.'' or ''you idiot, magic is overpowered, a mage actually stood a chance against me and prevailed!" 4. If you're disagreeing please put in as much information as possible, and give sources ONLY from runescape-based websites like runescape wikia, please don't advertise websites. 5. If you can disagree with me/other posters maturely, you are encouraged to post here. This goes hand-in-hand with rule 1. I'm not going to waste my time against people who reject other people's opinions due to their superiority complex. No bias please!6. READ THE TITLE!! I said magic abilities review! so expect both the bad and the good of mage's abilities. I'll be looking at it from BOTH sides, so be patient if I'm looking at it in an unbalanced view.First, I'll go over the bad about magic abilities, personally, I think magic is slightly underpowered compared to melee and range, but I'm sure to give the good of magic abilities soon enough1.) Combust only does 100-125% damage over time over 6 seconds, without doing 3x damage. Fragment. shot deos 100 188% damage over time for 6 seconds WITH 3x damge. this gives range the upper hand in this corner, as they can stun and use this, so if the target uses freedom he/she will suffer punishment.2.) Okay, Surge goes 3 more meters in a direction than escape (10 compared to 7) but escape goes backwards, and it's better to keep your distance from your target when ranging/maging. I guess surge will be better if you're Runescape 3 Gold. 3.) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think impact only stuns for 3 seconds, where binding stuns for 3 seconds AND binds for 20 seconds.4.) Hey guys? want to hear a joke? detonate. Anyways, detonate only seems useful when you need to kill a bunch of weak enemies that DO NOT stun in one blast. It's not all that good in Pvp, because it has a 2 square blast radius if I'm not mistaken. 5.) Wild magic is either a good thing about mage or a bad thing, It's saved me in castle wars even from people in range armor (although it was royal dragonhide, so it's not all that impressive.) However, it does have a risk of only dealing 50% of your active spell's damage.
add to favorites Seeking Comfrey Root cuttings For Exchange
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I am looking for some comfrey root cuttings, preferably Blocking 4, but blocking 14 would be alright as well, OR wild comfrey. I have organic heirloom tomato seeds to trade, here are the varieties I have available:

1.) Ground Cherry
2.) O.S.U. Blue
3.) Red Seaberry
4.) Striped
5.) Golden Egg
6.) Snow Berry Cherry
7.) Ananis Noire (Black Pineapple)
8.) Green Tomatillo
9.) Beefsteak
10.) Malachite Reds
11.) Cherokee Purple
12.) Golden Cherry
13.) Sub Arctic Plenty (authentic)
14.) Black Cherry
15.) Yellow Pear
16.) Malachite Green
17.) Green Moldavan
18.) Russian Black Krim
19.) Mortgage Lifter
20.) Tiny Tims
21.) Transparent Cherry
22.) Yellow Brandywine
23.) Fuzzy Peach
24.) Silvery Fir Tree Tomato
25.) Orange Banana
27.) Japanese Black Trifele
28.) Pearly Pink Cherry
29.) Aunt Ruby’s German Cherry
30.) Italian Tree (our most popular slicer)
31.) Carbon Purple
32.) Czech Bush
33.) Black Brandywine
34.) Grub’s Mystery Green
35.) Hillbilly Potato Leaf (flame)
36.) China Blues
37.)Green vernissage
38.) Berkley pink tye dye
39.) white wonder
40.) Russian purple
41.) Red Zebra
42.) Mini Orange
43.) Lemon Plum

I also have Kentucky wonder beans, and blue lake bush beans, english breakfast radish seeds, cilantro, marketmore 76 cucumbers, white wonder cucumbers, green arrow peas, oregon sugar pod 2 peas, and golden sweet peas. Contact me if interested in trading for some root cuttings, or even a crown or plant

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