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Title Sun Requirements Seed Sale or Exchange Picture
Updated trade list
No Picture
Current - red (t)
Melon - from Chinese market (t)
Melon - from farmers market (t)
Melon - Iroquois (c)
Melon - Santa Claus (t)
Nectarine - free stone (h)
Raspberry - black cap (t)
Raspberry - harmony (t)

Annual cut flower mix (c)
Bush morning glory (w)
Forget-me-not (c)
Passaflora incarnata (t)
Sunflower - common (w)
Sunflower - giras of mamoth (t) limited

Carrot - mix (c)
Onion - mix red, white, yellow (c)
Onion - sweet Spanish Utah strain (c)
Radish - mixed (c)
Radish - Nero tondo d'inverna (black) (t)
Turnip - purple top white globe (c)

Ameranth - Chinese bicolor (t)
Arugula (t)
Bean - Turkey craw (t) limited
Brussels sprouts - long island (t)
Cabbage - bok choy (t)
Cabbage - pak choi (t)
Chard - Chinese (t)
Collards - Georgia (t)
Collards - vates (t)
Ground cherry (t) limited
Kale (t)
Kohlrabi - early purple Vienna (t) limited
Mustard (t)
Mustard - Florida broadleaf (t)
Mustard - tendergreen and spinach mix (t)
Okra - country hill (t) limited
Pea - purplehull top pick pinkeye (t)
Radicchio - palla rossa (t)
Rocket (t)
Salad - mix (c)
Scallion - mixed (t)

Anise (c)
Basil - cinnamon (t)
Basil - fine leaf (t)
Basil - Italian (t)
Basil - lettuce leaf (t)
Basil - mixed/cross pollinated (sweet, Thai, dark purple opal) (h)
Bladder champion (t)
Caraway (t)
Chamomile (h)
Chervil (t)
Chives - common (c)
Cilantro (t)
Fennel - Florence (c)
Golden rod (t) limited
Hyssop (c)
Mullein (t)
Mustard - black herb type (t)
Parsley - curled (t)
Parsley - single (c)
Self heal (t)
Thyme - common (c)

Gourd - birdhouse (t) limited
Gourd - buffalo (w)
Squash - blue Hubbard (t) limited
Squash - buttercup (t) limited
Squash - butterkin (t) limited
Squash - butternut (t) limited
Squash - carnival (t) limited
Squash - delicata (t) limited
Squash - red Hubbard (t) limited

Tomato - black krim (t) limited
Tomato - blend (c)
Tomato - costuleto fiorentino (t) limited
Tomato - cuor de bue (t) limited
Tomato - pantano romanesco (t)
Tomato - pink ice (c)
Tomato - red cherry (c)

Pepper - bell mix sweet (c)
Pepper - cherry bomb (t) limited
Pepper - cigaretta lombardo (t) limited
Pepper - hot blaze of glory mix (c)

Narrow leaf yucca
Chocolate mint cuttings limited
Rosemary cuttings limited
2 avocado seedlings
Free stone nectarine cuttings
Purple lilac cuttings
Peach leaf willow cuttings
Viable seeds for planting 98% germination .: FREE
Viable seeds for planting 98% germination .:

Plants, Seeds & Bulbs
Aquatic Plants
Cacti & Succulents

Viable seeds for planting 98% germination .:
some veggetable and kiwano seeds . : FREE
No Picture
some veggetable and kiwano seeds .
No Picture
i have some veggie :
rawit pepper
chinese toon
ufo pumpkin

kemangi / indonesian basil
javanese ginseng

passion fruit

i need this seeds :
Tomato Hrusha Chorna
Cucumber Bilyy Anhel-White Angel
Shishito pepper
tuscan black plam cabbage

Do well to contact :
sweet basil For Trade
No Picture
sweet basil
Herbs for trade For Trade
No Picture
Seeds for Trade from S.E. Asia, my full list is on my vegetables add
-Sweet - lots May 2014
-Genovese 1 packet 2013
-Thai - lots 2014
Bee Balm- Panorama Mix (Johnny’s)2012
Chives- medium leaved 2014
Cilantro/Coriander 2014
Dill, Fern Leaf 2014

Wanted:Bay tree seeds - Laurus nobilis and vegetables
15 varieties of certified organic garlic seed For Sale
Hardneck and softneck garlic seed. All non-gmo heirloom varieties. Visit us at
looking for astragalus memranaceous,salvia miltiorrhizza,gervao,kalmegh seeds FREE
No Picture
Good day,

looking for a.m. seeds.

I can send the following seeds :

- korilla,
-thai saint basilicum,

and upon request other seeds- if i have them

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