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Title Sun Requirements Seed Sale or Exchange Picture
Texas Wild Tomato For Exchange, For Sale
No Picture
Open Pollinated May '15 Heirloom

Cherry or smaller tomato. It it's an amazing delicious intense tomato flavor and is not sweet at all. One of my all time favorites for snacking. Seems to be very drought tolerant and will set fruit almost to 74 degrees.

Will trade for anything interesting, especially fruit tree seeds or will sell for a silver (pre '65) dime.
have lots of seeds to trade For Exchange
No Picture
I have long island brusell sprouts
Hubbard squash (came from a 35 lb squash )
acorn squash
spaghetti squash
butternut squash
black beauty squash
small sugar pumpkins
black beauty eggplant
kaitlin cabbage
Clemson sprinkles okra

I would like to trade these seeds for heirloom tomatoes and dwarf tomatoe seeds . Thanks and please contact me through a pm .these seeds were harvested in july 2015.
Bibb lettuce 75 or 300+ seeds For Exchange, For Sale
This is a delicious delicacy that makes the perfect salad. Seeds harvested summer of 2015. Sow them this fall or spring
Variety of Vegetable seeds to trade, will trade all for at least 20 Edelweiss Leontopodium Alpinum seeds. For Exchange
I.) Kentucky Wonder Garden Bean (Pole type) 8.0g seed.
II.) Top Crop Garden Bean 8.0g seed.
III.) Spinach Mustard Tendergreen 500mg seed.
IV.) Scarlet Nantes Carrot 300mg seed.
V.) Calabrese Broccoli 200mg seed.
Zone 1-4 expect different months of planting according to your zone.
Tomato & Pepper seeds For Exchange
I have over 300 tomato and pepper varieties of all colours - I would be happy to exchange some.
Scirpidiella's Seeds For Sale
Seeds of rare plants (often unusual vegetables and fruits)- about 200 species (in order of latin names):
Bishop's Goutweed – Aegopodium podagraria – rare vegetable – 200 seeds (harvested in 2014)
Garlic Mustard – Alliaria petiolata – rare biennial vegetable (edible leaves with mild taste of garlic – raw, roots – substitute of wasabi – when dried and grind these roots have really taste of wasabi, seeds – used to make delicious mustard), very frost hardy (to zone 5) – 100 seeds (2015)
Mouse Garlic, Edged Garlic – Allium angulosum – evergreen bulb perennial (frost hardy to zone 5), rare vegetable (bulbs, leaves, and inflorescences – raw, cooked or salted), repel insects and moles, rare plant – 50 seeds (2013)
Wild Garlic – Allium oleraceum – rare spice (leaves, bulbs and bulblets) – 100 seeds (2012)
Tree Onions, Topsetting Onions, Walking Onions, Egyptian Onions – Allium × proliferum – delicious vegetable (aerial bulbils, underground bulbs, and leaves with onion like taste – used as flavouring or to pickles), also odd ornamental plant – 4 aerial bulbils (2014)
Althaea cannabina – Hemp–leaved Marshmallow – ornamental perennial (zone 4 and warmer) to 6 ft high – 50 seeds (2013)
White Amaranth, White Pigweed, Tumble Pigweed, Tumbleweed, Pigweed Amaranth, Prostrate Pigweed – Amaranthus albus – annual to 0,7m (2,5ft) tall, rare vegetable (delicious cooked leaves and young plants, and seeds) – 25 seeds (2013)
Green Amaranth– Amaranthus chlorostachys – rare vegetable and cereal 100 seeds (2012)
Wild Angelica, Woodland Angelica, Ground Ash, Holy Ghost – Angelica sylvestris – rare vegetable (raw or cooked leaves, young shoots and stems), sweetmeat (candied stem and leafstalks), and condiment in confections and pastries (seeds), also medicinal plant – biennial plant (frost hardy to zone 5) – 100 seeds (2013)
Garden Chervil, French Parsley – Anthriscus cerefolium – rare biennial vegetable (leaves with mild anise–like taste – raw or cooked, flowers – raw and young roots – raw or cooked) to 0,5m (=2ft) tall – 100 seeds (2014)
Wild Chervil – Anthriscus sylvestris – rare perennial vegetable (delicious young shoots in May) – 200 seeds (2015)
Hastate Orach – Atriplex hastata – rare vegetable 50 seeds (2011)
Yellow-leaf Orach – Atriplex hortensis var. lutea – annual plant to 1,8m (6ft) tall, frost hardy to zone 6, very delicious vegetable (blanched young shoots and leaves and cooked seeds), also medicinal plant (antirheumatic, diuretic), very ornamental – 25 seeds (2013)
Hoary Orach – Atriplex nitens – unusual vegetable (delicious blanched young shoots, leaves and cooked seeds) – 250 seeds (2012)
Small-flowered Winter Cress – Barbarea stricta – biennial or perennial leaf vegetable to 1m (=3 ft) tall, frost hardy to zone 6, very delicious young leaves (especially in early spring) and flowers – 50 seeds (2014)
Nodding Beggartick, Nodding Bur–marigold – Bidens cernua – annual ornamental 30–100cm (=1–3ft) tall, wonderful yellow hanging flowers, loves moist or wet soil, stratify seeds – 50 seeds (2014)
Beggar Ticks, Devil's Beggartick – Bidens frondosa – annual plant to 1,5m (=5ft) tall, rare vegetable (young leaves and shoots – cooked) – 50 seeds (2014)
Burr Marigold, Threelobe Beggarticks – Bidens tripartita – annual to 1,2m (=4ft) tall, rare vegetable (young leaves in early summer – cooked) – 50 seeds (2014)
Kozo – Broussonetia kazinoki – deciduous Asiatic shrub to 5 m (17ft) tall, but commonly smaller,frost hardy to zone 6, monoecious, creates (in July) edible delicious orange-red mulbery-like fruits, seeds of open pollinated plants (they can be hybrid because near grows also B. papyrifera), need cold stratification – 15 seeds (2015)
White Bryony, English Mandrake, Wild Vine, Wild Hops, Wild Nep, Ladies' Seal, Tetterbury, Snakeweed, Devil's Turnip, Bastard Turnip – Bryonia alba – frost hardy (to zone 6) perennial climber to 4m(=14ft) tall, thick tuberous roots were been used to falsify the carved dolls called "Homunculus" (= little Homo, originally made from Mandragora roots), also medicinal and poisonous plant – 20 seeds (2013)
Bunias orientalis – Turkish Rocket – rare delicious vegetable (young shoots better than asparagus – raw or cooked) – 100 seeds (2014)
Rampion Bellflower, Creeping Bellflower – Campanula rapunculoides – rare perennial root vegetable (thick, white, carrot like roots with mild sweet taste) – 150 seeds (2012)
Rampion Bellflower, Rampion – Campanula rapunculus – rare biennial vegetable to 1m (=3ft) tall, thick roots and leaves are edible (raw or cooked), name “rapunculus” is a diminutive of the Latin “rapa” (turnip) and means "little turnip" – 100 small seeds (2013)
Chili Pepper – Capsicum annuum “Royal Black” – rare variety with black leaves and immature fruits, ripe fruits are bright red, very hot – 20 seeds (2013)
Hot Chili Pepper – Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum “Criolla Sella” – 25 seeds (2013)
Cumari – Capsicum praetermissum – rare perennial, pea–size red fruits, extremely hot, with very pleasant aroma, also very ornamental – 10 seeds (2013)
Hoary Cress, Perennial Peppergrass – Cardaria draba – rare vegetable (leaves raw or cooked) and spice (seeds as pepper substitute), hardy perennial (zones 6 and warmer) – 25 seeds (2014)
Spice Cow Chervil – Chaerophyllum aromaticum – rare spice plant (aromatic leaves and seeds) – 50 seeds (2013)
Golden Chervil – Chaerophyllum aureum – rare spice (aromatic leaves) – 50 seeds (2013)
Tuberous Chervil, Turnip–Rooted Chervil – Chaerophyllum bulbosum – tasty edible rare root vegetable – 1000 fresh seeds, new seeds – August 2014 (2014)
Fat Hen – Chenopodium album – unknown rare vegetable (blanched leaves) and corn (quinoa cousin) – 1000 seeds (2012)
Jerusalem–tea, Epazote – Chenopodium ambrosioides – rare aromatic (aroma similar to Wild Rosemary – Ledum) spice and tea perennial, old medicinal herb – 100 seeds (2010)
Sea Foam Flower, Wormseed – Chenopodium aristatum – rare ornamental annual plant – 25 seeds (2010)
Good King Henry – Chenopodium bonus–henricus – rare tasty vegetable (young shoots, leaves and inflorescences) – 35 seeds (2012)
Fig-Leaved Goosefoot – Chenopodium ficifolium – rare vegetable (tasty blanched young shoots, leaves and young inflorescences), condiment (roasted seeds used like sesame), annual plant to 1m (3ft) high, rare – 25 seeds (2013)
Oak-Leaved Goosefoot – Chenopodium glaucum – rare leaf vegetable – 200 seeds (2011)
Naked Weed, Rush Skeletonweed, Gum Succory, Devil's Grass, Hogbite – Chondrilla juncea – rare tasty French salad vegetable – 50 seeds (2013)
Creeping Thistle, Lettuce From Hell Thistle – Cirisum arvense – rare vegetable (young shoots and leaves, peeled young stems, and young rhizomes), formerly young shoots were lacto–fermented (like cabbage) in Central Europe – 30 seeds (2013)
Queen Anne's Thistle – Cirisum canum – rare tuber and leaf vegetable – 30 seeds (2011)
Cabbage Thistle – Cirsium oleraceum – perennial to 1,8m (=6ft) tall, frost hardy to zone 5, unknown vegetable (cooked young leaves and thick rhizomes), also good bee and butterfly plant, likes wet or moist (but not acid) soils – 15 seeds (2014)
Plume Thistle, Brook Thistle – Cirsium rivulare – rare leaf vegetable and ornamental – 30 seeds (2013)
Bull Thistle, Scotch Thistle – Cirsium vulgare – rare, biennial, delicious root vegetable (huge, thick taproots delicious when cooked) – 20 seeds (2014)
Dang Shen, Poor Man's Ginseng – Codonopsis pilosula – rare root vegetable and medicinal plant, dense ornamental perennial climber to 1,7m (6ft) high – 20 seeds (2012)
Orange Bladder Senna – Colutea x media – deciduous shrub to 2,5–3m (=8–11ft) tall, frost hardy to zone 6, drought–tolerant hybrid, creates numerous orange–brown flowers and inflated pods, very ornamental, easy from seeds – 50 fresh seeds (2013)
Canada Fleabane, Canadian Horseweed – Conyza canadensis – annual to 1m (3ft) tall, rare vegetable – young shoots (cooked) have pungent flavour similar to onion – 100 seeds (2014)
Scarlet Hawthorn – Crataegus cf. coccinea – deciduous shrub to 7m (23ft) tall, frost hardy to zone 5, delicious succulent large fruits – 30 seeds (2013)
Lindman's Hawthorn, Calycine Hawthorn – Crataegus rhipidophylla subsp. lindmanii – fruit shrub to 5m (17ft) tall, fruits tasty, mealy, cylindric, red , large (1,7x1,5cm=0,7x0,6inch) – 20 seeds (2014)
Calycine Hawthorn – Crataegus rhipidophylla subsp. rhipidophylla – fruit shrub or tree to 11m (=36ft) tall, red fruits tasty, mealy, round, large (1,5x1,5cm=0,6x0,6inch) – 20 seeds (2014)
Berry–bearing Catchfly – Cucubalus baccifer – very ornamental (numerous white odd flowers and black fruits) climber 0,6–1,2m (2–4ft) tall, also edible plant (tasty young leaves and shoots – cooked), frost hardy perennial (to zone 6) – 50 seeds (2013)
West Indian Gherkin – Cucumis anguria – rare vegetable fruit (small ovate lightly green cucumbers, very good for pickles) – 50 seeds (2010)
Fig Leaf Gherkin, Fig Leaf Cucumber – Cucumis ficifolius – rare vegetable, fruits 6–7x3–4cm (2,5x1,5inch), not bitter, pale yellow, very juicy, delicious, edible immature and mature, prickly plant (perennial but usually grown as annual), extremely rare plant, seeds scarce – 25 seeds (2013)
Sikkim Cucumber – Cucumis sativus var. sikkimensis – huge tasty fruits – size 15 x 6 inch (about 40 x 18 cm) – 50 seeds (2010)

Cucurbita argyrosperma – Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash (ornamental large fruits and edible seeds) – 25 seeds (2011)

Blackseed Squash, Chilacayote – Cucurbita ficifolia – rare tasty vegetable (flesh pickled with sugar, cloves and cinnamon resembles unripe coconut) – 25 seeds (2013)

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin – Cucurbita maxima – gigantic edible fruits – 40 seeds (2011)

Pumpkin “Rouge Vif d'Etampes” – Cucurbita maxima – 25 seeds (2012)

Winter Squash “Turks Turban” – Cucurbita maxima – 15 seeds (2012)

Lesser Dodder, Clover Dodder – Cuscuta epithymum – annual parasitic climber to 1m (=3 ft) long, poisonous and medicinal herb (antibilious, antiscorbutic, anticancer, carminative, cholagogue, diuretic, hepatic), also very ornamental (pink flower–heads and red stems) – 25 seeds (2014)

Greater Dodder, Nettle Dodder, European Dodder – Cuscuta europaea – parasitic climber 0,3–1,5m (1–5ft) tall, very ornamental (numerous little pink flowers), Tibetan medicinal herb (a bitter, acrid and sweet taste with a heating potency) and Chinese medicinal (seeds improve immunity, increase blood sugar metabolism), aphrodisiac, renal and a hepatic tonic, also poisonous plant – 50 seeds (2013)

Hop Dodder, Hop–shaped Dodder, Willow Dodder – Cuscuta lupuliformis – parasitic climber 0,5–2,0m (2–7ft) tall, very ornamental (numerous little pink or white flowers), thick stemmed, Chinese medicinal herb (seeds improve immunity, increase blood sugar metabolism), also poisonous plant, rarity – 25 seeds (2013)
Achuqcha – Cyclanthera brachybotrys, syn. C. achocchilla, C. tomentosa – very rare delicious juicy fruit vegetable (fruits edible raw or cooked) – 15 seeds (2012)
Achocha, Achokcha, Caihua– Cyclanthera pedata – rare fruit vegetable – 20 seeds (2010)
Brown Galingale, Brown Flatsedge – Cyperus fuscus – very rare low (to 6 in) but wide (to 2 ft) (rosette form) annual ornamental plant for bog or water garden, needs moist or wet sandy soil, rarity, very ornamental – 200 small fresh seeds (2012)
Dwarf Tamarillo – Cyphomandra abutiloides – tasty rare fruit – 50 seeds (2012)
Suhosine, Janatsi–itsigo, Toon–itsigo – Debregeasia edulis “Elite” – Chinese fruit shrub (nettle cousin, caulicarpic), delicious, sweet and aromatic orange mulberry–like fruits, frost hardy to zone 8 (roots even to 7), creates fruits without pollination – 10 seeds (2014)
Mock Strawberry – Duchesnea indica – very ornamental, edible fruits – 50 seeds (2015)
Autumn Olive – Elaeagnus umbellata – rare edible fruit shrub – 50 seeds (2013)
Finger Millet, Koracan – Eleusine coracana – rare corn and ornamental grass – 100 seeds (2010)
Gray Love Grass, Stink Grass, Snake Grass, Black Grass, Candy Grass – Eragrostis megastachya – rare ornamental annual – 50 seeds (2012)
American Fireweed, American Burnweed – Erechtites hieracifolia – rare delicious vegetable (aromatic leaves and young shoots – raw or cooked), robust annual plant 0,6–2,4m (2–8ft) tall, frost hardy to zone 5 – 30 seeds (2013)
Hard Wallflower – Erysimum marschallianum (syn. E. hieraciifolium subsp. durum, E. durum) – extremely rare ornamental biennial herb (frost hardy to zone 5/6), drought resistant, young shoots and leaves of closest cousin (E. hieraciifolium) of this plant were used as cooked vegetable in Nepal, so probably this species is also edible – 100 seeds (2014)
Black Bindweed – Fallopia convolvulus – rare pseudo–cereal (tasty seeds edible when threshed and boiled), poor soil and drought resistant – 50 seeds (2013)
Fern–leaf Dropwort – Filipendula vulgaris – tuberous vegetable perennial to 0,8m (=3 ft) tall, creates dense clumps, tubers aromatic and starchy, very delicious raw and when baked, boiled or (especially) candied, tasty leaves edible raw or cooked, also medicinal plant – 60 fresh seeds (2014)
Green Strawberry, Wild Strawberry – Fragaria viridis (syn. F. collina) – tasty large fruits (original aroma, very different than common Wild Strawberry – F. vesca) – 40 seeds (2014)
Guasca, Mielcilla, Gallant Soldier – Galinsoga parviflora – Andean (and African) annual vegetable (young plants – raw or cooked) and condiment (dried, powdered plants) – 30 seeds (2014)
Chocolate Root – Water Avens – Geum rivale – a rare spice plant, boiled rhizomes used to make very tasty chocolate–like tea – 100 seeds (2013)
Clove Root – Wood Avens – Geum urbanum – rare spice – 100 seeds (2013)
Giant Himalayan Nettle, Nilghiri Nettle – Girardinia cuspidata – rarity edible, medicinal and ornamental annual plant (to 1,5m =5ft high) – 8 seeds (2013)
Northern Girardinia – Girardinia septentrionalis – rare annual stinging plant 0,4m(1,5ft)=1,5m(5ft) tall with very thin ovate large–sinuate–dentate leaves, long stinging hairs and inconspicuous flowers in spicate inflorescences, native to Asia (Korea, China and Russia) – 15 seeds (2012)
Water Manna Grass, Floating Manna Grass, Sweet Grass, Manna Grass, Float Grass, Poland Manna – Glyceria fluitans – heirloom Slavic cereal – 100 fresh seeds (2015)
Marked Glyceria, Plicate Sweet Grass – Glyceria plicata (syn. G. notata) – aquatic perennial 30-80cm (=1-3ft) tall, used as G. fluitans – 50 seeds (2015)
Viscous Baby's–breath – Gypsophila viscosa – annual plant to 0,3m (1 ft), very ornamental (numerous pink flowers) – 25 seeds (2014)
Cultivated Caucasian Spinach – Hablitzia tamnoides “Swedish cultivated variety” – climber about 1,5m (5ft) tall with small pale–green coloured leaves and stems, and tuberous root, hardy to zone (4?)5 and warmer – 30 seeds (2013)
Wild Caucasian Spinach – Hablitzia tamnoides “wild variety” from Caucasus (Georgia) – robust dense climber 2,5–3m (8–10ft) tall (after 2–3 years from seed), leaves dark–green and large, stems redish, hardy to zone 5/6 and warmer – 100 seeds (2014)
Tall Sunflower – Helianthus giganteus – rare root vegetable and ornamental – 25 seeds (2013)
Eltrot, Hogweed – Heracleum sphondylium – rare vegetable (young shoots, leaves) and medicinal plant (roots) – 50 seeds (2013)
Jaltomate Negro, Jaltomato – Jaltomata procumbens, syn. Saracha jaltomata – annual (tropical perennial), tasty black fruits – 100 seeds (2010)
Green Jaltomato, Coscomate, Coscotomate – Jaltomata tlaxcala – annual (tropical perennial), delicious green sweet aromatic fruits, rare – 30 seeds (2013)
Wall–lettuce – Lactuca muralis (syn. Mycelis muralis) – perennial (hardy to zone 4/5) salad vegetable (raw leaves used in mixed salads) to 3ft (=1m) tall, also medicinal and poisonous (in large doses) plant, shade resistant – 30 seeds (2014)
Nipplewort – Lapsana communis – annual delicious vegetable (leaves raw or cooked, flowers – raw, flower–buds pickled as capers) to 1,2m (4 ft) tall – 30 seeds (2014)
Chickling Pea, Grass Pea, Blue Sweet Pea, Indian Pea – Lathyrus sativus – rare legume vegetable and ornamental – 20 seeds (2012)

Earthnut Pea, Tuberous Sweetpea, Marcuson Lathyrus tuberosus – tasty delicious edible tubers (one of the best tasted roots on the world), hardy perennial (zones 6 and warmer) – 30 seeds (2013)

Tree Mallow – Lavatera arborea var. variegata – tree like biennial plant 4–10 ft. (1,2–3 m) tall, white variegated leaves, numerous deep red flowers 2 inch (5 cm) diameter, very ornamental – 25 seeds (2013)

Lavatera, Tree Lavatera – Lavatera thuringiaca – perennial to 1,8m (6ft) tall, frost hardy to zone 5/6, rare vegetable (young leaves – raw or cooked, delicious flowers – raw), also fibre plant – 30 seeds (2014)

Narrow Leaved Peppergrass, Roadside Pepperweed – Lepidium ruderale – rare, low (to 1ft = 30cm tall) annual/biennial vegetable: young shoots and leaves (raw or cooked) which have very hot (almost like pepper), pungent and aromatic flavour. Also medicinal herb (hypotensive). Easy to growing – 200 seeds (2013)
Pearl Gromwell, Grummel, European Stoneseed – Lithospermum officinale – tea substitute (called Bohemian or Croatian Tea), medicinal herb (mature seeds are diuretic, lithontripic and oxytocic, infusion of the leaves is sedative, root is depurative, whole herb inhibits the secretion of the pituitary gonadotrophic hormone and possess contraceptive properties), ornamental plant (numerous beautiful seeds) to dry bouquets, perennial (hardy to zone 6) 1m (3ft) tall – 100 seeds (2013)
Rose Campion – Lychnis coronaria – hardy ornamental (purple–magenta flowers on a wooly–white plant) perennial (hardy to zone 6) to 90–120cm (=3–4 ft) tall, formerly the wooly leaves were used as lamp wicks, herb was used in homeopathy (to treatment paralysis, kidney stones), also antiasthmatic, and slightly poisonous in high doses – 50 seeds (2014)
Galápagos Wild Tomato, Tomatillo – Lycopersicon cheesmaniae – rare vegetable (small, pear shaped fruits) – 20 seeds (2010)
Wild Tomato – Lycopersicon humboldtii – robust annual plant to 2m (7ft) tall, tasty cherry sized red fruits – 25 seeds (2013)
Gypsywort – Lycopus europaeus – perennial to 1m (=3ft) tall, frost hardy to zone 4, Chinese vegetable (tuberous tillers in autumn – raw or cooked) – 50 seeds (2014)
High Gypsywort – Lycopus exaltatus – perennial to 1,5m (=5ft) tall, frost hardy to zone 6, rare vegetable (delicious tubers in autumn – raw or cooked) – 12 seeds (2014)
Vervain Mallow – Malva alcea – rare ornamental and edible plant – 50 seeds (2014)
High Mallow, Tall Mallow, Common Mallow – Malva sylvestris – rare vegetable (leaves – raw or cooked, flowers – raw), tea substitute, biennial/perennial plant (hardy to zone 5) – 50 seeds (2013)
Japanese Rough Potato – Metaplexis japonica (Milkweed Family – Asclepiadaceae) – rare ornamental climber (to 8m=27ft tall), perennial frost hardy to zone 6, beautiful, showy, pale purple flowers in the second year after sowing (about 15 months to first flowers from seed), also Asiatic vegetable (young leaves can be eaten raw or cooked, young fruits – raw or pickled, roots – cooked), poisonous plant (raw milk sap) – 10 seeds (2013)
Wood Millet – Milium effusum – perennial, shade resistant, rare edible corn – package 500 seeds (2011)
Bitter Gourd, Bitter Melon – Momordica charantia – rare vegetable and ornamental (needs heat)– 10 seeds (2011)
Water Chickweed, Giant Chickweed – Myosoton aquaticum – rare Chinese leaf vegetable – 100 seeds (2014)
Rock Nettle – Nasa triphylla – rare ornamental annual garden plant – 15 seeds (2012)
Wild Catmint – Nepeta cataria – aromatic perennial to 1m=3ft tall, frost hardy to zone 3, delicious herbal tea (with specific aroma resembling something between mint and lemon), condiment – 25 seeds (2013)
Little Bells – Nolana humifusa – rare ornamental annual – 10 seeds (2012)
Wild Parsley – Oenanthe peucedanifolia – hardy perennial (zone 6 and warmer) to 1 m (=3ft) tall, creates tuberous roots (which are edible after processing), also poisonous plant – 20 seeds (2014)
Large–flowered Evening–primrose – Oenothera glazoviana – rare ornamental biennial plant – 150 seeds (2011)
Pale Poppy, Prickly Poppy, Pila Dhatura, Sand–Mohn, Sandmohn – Papaver argemone – medicinal plant (infusion or syrup made from the petals is used as a sudorific), small annual ornamental (bright scarlet red flowers with black spots at the bases of petals), edible seeds, prickly capsule – 200 seeds (2013)
Long–headed Poppy, Blindeyes – Papaver dubium – medicinal plant (infusion or syrup made from the petals is used as a sudorific), edible seeds, annual ornamental (hardy to zone 6) – 200 seeds (2013)
Pellitory–of–the–wall, Lichwort – Parietaria officinalis – tasty rare leaf vegetable (nettle cousin) – 25 seeds (2012)
Crinkled Passionflower, Annual Passionflower – Passiflora gracilis – the only annual Passiflora, very ornamental (beautiful flowers and red fruits) – 10 seeds (2013)
Parsnip – Pastinaca sativa – 50 seeds (2012)
Swedish Ginger, Milk Parsley – Peucedanum palustre (syn. Thyselium palustre) – aromatic roots spice, very frost hardy (zones 6 and warmer) – 30 seeds (2013)
Tuberous Jerusalem Sage – Phlomis tuberosa – rare perennial (frost hardy to zone 6 and warmer) to 1,8 (=6ft) tall, Kalmucks' vegetable (round tubers cutted or grated, dried, roasted and boiled with milk), raw tubers are bitter, also very ornamental plant – 25 seeds (2014)
Camapu, Cutleaf Ground Cherry – Physalis angulata – tasty rare fruit – 30 seeds (2010)

Yellow Nightshade Groundcherry, Thick–leaf Ground–cherry, Desert Ground Cherry – Physalis crassifolia – rare edible fruit perennial (hardy to zone 8a if kept dry), drought resistant – 25 seeds (2013)
Strawberry Tomato – Physalis pruinosa – very tasty rare fruit – 30 seeds (2010)
Smooth Purple Ground Cherry – Physalis subglabrata – large (2 inch=5cm diameter) purple fruits, species similar to Ph. ixocarpa, needs fertile soil, rarity – 25 seeds (2013)
Black Pimpinella Solidstem Burnet Saxifrage – Pimpinella nigra – rare aromatic spice (roots, leaves and seeds) – 30 seeds (2012)
Southern Burnet Saxifrage – Pimpinella peregrina (syn. P. taurica) – formerly cultivated in Southern Germany for medicinal (expectorant) roots – 30 seeds (2014)
Pimpinella, Burnet Saxifrage – Pimpinella saxifraga – rare aromatic spice (roots, leaves and seeds) – 100 seeds (2012)
French Psyllium – Plantago arenaria – rare medicinal plant 1000 seeds (2011)
Eurasian Solomon's seal, Garden Solomon's seal, Multi–flowered Solomon's seal, Ladder–to–heaven, David's–harp – Polygonatum multiflorum (giant variety) – hardy (to zone 4) perennial to 1,8m(=6ft) tall, delicious thick rhizomes were used as Chinese vegetable (they must be boiled or steamed by 5–6 hours), cooked young shoots were eaten in Turkey, also poisonous (berries) and medicinal plant (among others lowers sugar in the blood) – 15 seeds (2013)
Portulaca oleracea – Wild Purslane, Pursley – wild tasty succulent leaf vegetable – 50 seeds (2013)
Golden Purslane – Portulaca sativa – rare succulent leaf vegetable – 50 seeds (2012)
Sweet Unicorn Plant , Devil’s Claws – Proboscidea fragrans – rare vegetable (young fruits), corn (black seeds) and ornamental plant (large bunches of purple flowers and odd beautiful fruits with 2 claws) – 8 seeds (2012)
Sweet Grass, Reflexed Salt Grass – Puccinellia distans (syn. Glyceria distans) – heirloom Indian cereal (tasty grains) – 200 seeds (2014)
Wild Mignonette – Reseda lutea – rare edible (leaves) and ornamental plant – 50 seeds (2011)
Rampion Mignonette, Corn Mignonette – Reseda phyteuma – very rare leaf vegetable – nice honey taste 25 seeds (2013)
Black Jetbead, Jetberry Bush – Rhodotypos scandens – very ornamental, breathtakingly beautiful (white flowers and black fruits) deciduous shrub (size 6x8ft=1,8x2,4m), frost hardy to zone 4a and warmer – 20 seeds (2013)
Yellow Marsh Cress – Rorippa palustris – rare salad vegetable (young leaves, stems and young seedlings) – 40 seeds (2013)
Japanese Wineberry, Wine Raspberry – Rubus phoenicolasius – delicious amber–red fruit, deciduous shrub (frost hardy to zone 6a) – 30 seeds (2013)
Arrow Head – Sagittaria sagittifolia – rare quatic tuber vegetable – 50 seeds (2013)
Sting Lily – Saloa hieroinymi – rare ornamental annual garden plant – 20 seeds (2012)
Pampas Lily of the Valley – Salpichroa origanifolia (Nightshade Family – Solanaceae) – delicious fruit, perennial climber (to 3m=11ft tall), very frost hardy (to zone 6 if thick mulched) – 6 seeds (2013)
Shepherd's Needle, Venus' Comb, Crow Needles – Scandix pecten–veneris – a rare vegetable – 25 seeds (2014)
Little–leaf Angelica, Cambridge Milk–Parsley – Selinum carvifolia – rare lovely ornamental perennial to 0,6–1m (2–3ft) tall, bee plant (deliciously scented white flowers) – 50 seeds (2013)
Broad–leaved Ragwort – Senecio fluviatilis, syn. S. sarracenius – very rare ornamental perennial 0,6–2m (2–7ft) high, very frost hardy – 30 fresh seeds (2012)
Wood Ragwort, Fuchs’ Groundsel – Senecio nemorensis subsp. fuchsii – rare ornamental perennial 0,5–2m (2–7ft) high, hardy (zones 6 and warmer) – 50 fresh seeds (2012)
Fen Ragwort – Senecio paludosus – very rare ornamental perennial 2–7ft high, very frost hardy – 50 fresh seeds (2013)
St. Pauls Wort, Xi–Xiang–Cao, Shrimp–claw Plant – Siegesbeckia pubescens – Chinese medicinal plant (high content of kirenol), lovely annual herb to 1,7m (6ft) high – 15 seeds (2011)
Bladder Campion – Silene vulgaris – perennial (frost hardy to zone 6) to 0,6m (=2ft) tall, tasty leaf vegetable (raw or cooked) used in Alps and Spain – 50 seeds (2014)
White Campion, Bladder Campion – Silene latifolia (syn. Melandrium album) – perennial (frost hardy to zone 6) to 0,6m (=2ft) tall, Spanish rare vegetable (leaves and young shoots – stewed) and soap subsitute (obtained by simmering the root in hot water) – 50 seeds (2014)
Silver Milk Thistle, Elephant Thistle, Ivory Thistle – Silybum eburneum – rare annual thistle native to Mediterranean areas to 1,8m (= 6ft) tall, leaves unicoloured – ivory green, very prickly, probably a better source of the powerful liver protective silymarin than the common milk thistle (S. marianum), all parts of the plant are edible (roots – raw, boiled or roasted, seeds – ground or germinated for sprouts, young shoots – cooked, leaves – steamed like spinach or raw in salads, stems – peeled, soaked and cooked, flower heads – prepared like artichokes), frost hardy to zone 7a – 12 fersh seeds (2014)
Stone-Parsley – Sison amomum – rare vegetable (cooked roots) and condiment (aromatic leaves and seeds), biennial plant to 1,5m (5ft) tall, frost hardy to zone 6 – 40 seeds (2013)
Skirret – Sium sisarum – rare root vegetable – 25 seeds (2013)
Wild Andean Potato, Devil Potato, Apharu, Apharuma Chokke, Jupaypa Papan – Solanum acaule var. caulescens – very ornamental low plant with profusion of lovely blue flowers, also rare vegetable – small (1–4cm=0,5–1,5inch diameter) white tubers – 15 seeds (2013)
Chichiquelite Huckleberry – Solanum americanum (?) – very tasty rare fruit, annual – 50 seeds (2013)
Devil Plant, Cockroach-berry, Devil's–apple, Polohauaiʻi – Solanum capsicoides – rare ornamental (component of dry bouquets), edible inner layer under peel can be eaten, perennial but can be grown like annual, permanent rootstock for “eggplant tree” in southern Australia, seeds slow to germinate (about 1-1,5 month) need soaking in GA3 (1000-2000 ppm by 24 hours) before sowing, sow surface – 20 seeds (2015)
Tzimbalo, Llorones, Pepino Llorón, Mini Pepino – Solanum caripense – very delicious green or yellow, purple striped, sweet round fruits 1,5–2cm (0,6–0,8inch) diameter (in taste tangier and more juicy than Pepino), this plant resembles Tomato and is relative to Pepino and gives fertile hybrids with Pepino, hardy outside to zone 6 (as annual) – 20 seeds (2013)
Watermelon Nightshade – Solanum citrullifolium – very ornamental flowers, annual prickly plant to 0,5m=1,5ft tall, hardy (to zone 6) – 15 seeds (2013)
Bittersweet – Solanum dulcamara – ornamental climber, poisonous plant but a dried bark of stem bases is chewed in some areas of Europe as snack (it has taste of walnuts) – 100 seeds (2009)
Low Nightshade – Solanum humile (syn. Solanum nigrum f. humile)– very rare ornamental annual plant (yellow–green fruits) – 30 seeds (2009)
Poroporo, Southern Kangaroo Apple – Solanum laciniatum – tasty rare fruit (can be grown like annual) – 50 seeds (2012)
Mountain Kangaroo Apple – Solanum linearifolium – tasty rare fruit (can be grown like annual) – 50 seeds (2012)
Orange Nightshade – Solanum luteum – delicious rare fruit, hardy annual – 20 seeds (2013)

Black Nightshade – Solanum nigrum – 30 seeds (2009)

Green berry Nightshade, Morelle Verte – Solanum opacum – delicious fruit (annual), rare – 30 seeds (2013)
Yoa, Joá, Joá bravo, Tutiá, Manzanita del monte, Mañiq lqo, Naxaraxanaaq lqo, Pocoto, Pocotillo – Solanum palinacanthum – rare ornamental, one from the most beautiful Solanums (Nightshades), large beautiful bright blue and yellow flowers, prickly plant, rarity – 7 fresh seeds (2013)
Cherry Nightshade, Argentinian Nightshade, Hoe Nightshade – Solanum physalifolium var. nitidibaccatum – annual ornamental, rarity, tasty fruits eaten in Ethiopia – 15 seeds (2013)
Lulo Comun, Lulo Montanero – Solanum pseudolulo – tasty rare fruit (needs heat to fruit) – 30 seeds (2010)
Lulo, Naranjilla “Baquicha” – Solanum quitoense – variety with smooth (not prickly) stems and leaves and red delicious fruits (needs heat to fruit) – 20 seeds (2010)
Shrubby Nightshade, Joá Mando, Juá Piloso, Juá Alado, Brazilian Naranjilla – Solanum robustum "Green-leaved variety"– prickly shrub 0,6–2m (2–7ft) tall with broadly winged stems and leaf petioles, leaves not silver (like plants escaped in Hawaii) but cashmere–green, flowers numerous – white and yellow, fruits to 2cm (0,8inch) diameter – hairy, light green and dark green striped (according one source fruits without seeds are edible in small quantities) – they have very nice strong aroma (used to making juices and as vegetable), very ornamental variety native to Brazil, can be grown outside in zone 6 (as annual) and warmer (first ripe fruits fall down after 9 months from sowing) – package of 15 fresh seeds (2014)
Hairy Nightshade – Solanum sarrachoides – wide annual herb which creates green fruits (according one source they are edible when fully mature), fruits fall down together with pedicel, calyx not typical (rather small), closest cousin of Solanum physalifolium var. nitidibaccatum, rarity – 12 seeds (2014)
Garden Huckleberry – Solanum scabrum (syn. S. melanocerasum) – edible tasty fruit (annual) – 100 seeds (2010)

African Nightshade, Garden Huckleberry – Solanum cf. scabrum “Yellow–anthered” – rare variety with yellow anthers (not brown as in typical varieties) and large black, punctate fruits in 3–5 flowered inflorescences, rarity– 15 seeds (2014)
Litchi Tomato – Solanum sisymbriifolium – rare annual tasty fruit – 25 seeds (2010)
Bura–Bura, Bolo Maka, Coconilla, Cocochat, Pupu, Tupido, Pimpla, Tupirito – Solanum stramoniifolium – rare edible fruit, annual or perennial spiny tropical shrub (needs heat to fruit) – 20 fresh seeds (2012)
Weeping Dune Tomato, Kangaroo Apple – Solanum symonii – delicious annual fruit (tropical perennial), shrub to 2m=7ft tall, numerous large blue–violet flowers and green–white–purple fruits (with different taste than other Kangaroo Apples) –15 seeds (2013)
Goldenrod – Solidago virgaurea – delicious tea substitute (dried capitulums or leaves), medicinal herb (among others: anthelmintic, antifungal, antirheumatic, antiseptic, aromatic, diaphoretic, diuretic, febrifuge, hypoglycaemic, stimulant), perennial to 0,6m=2ft tall, frost hardy to zone 5 – 30 seeds (2013)
Dindle, Field Milk Thistle, Tree Sow Thistle – Sonchus arvensis – rare vegetable (delicious young leaves eaten raw or cooked, peeled young stems, and young rhizomes), coffee substitute (roasted roots) – 25 seeds (2013)
Sow Thistle – Sonchus oleraceus – rare tasty leaf and root vegetable – 100 seeds (2013)
European Bur–reed – Sparganium emersum – aquatic ornamental – 50 seeds (2012)
Bur Reed – Sparganium erectum – rare aquatic root vegetable – 100 seeds (2012)
Marsh Woundwort – Stachys palustris – tasty, tuber, rare vegetable – 50 seeds (2013)
Asparagus Pea – Tetragonolobus purpureus – annual vegetable (young winged pods) and ornamental plant (large red flowers) – 25 seeds (2011)

Greater Meadow Rue – Thalictrum aquilegiifolium – ornamental perennial 1,5 m (5 ft) high, frost hardy to zone 6 – 50 seeds (2013)

Goldencreeper, Red Hailstone, Manchu Tubergourd – Thladiantha dubia – rare edible delicious fruits, frost hardy (zone 6) perennial tuberous climber to 6m (=20ft) long – 20 seeds (2014)
Pennycress – Thlaspi arvense – rare condiment ( garlic like taste) and to dry bouquets – 100 seeds (2012)
Cotswold Pennycress, Perfoliate Pennycress – Thlaspi perfoliatum – leaf vegetable (taste like mustard with a hint of onion), edible seeds (mustard substitute or sprouted and eaten raw) – 100 seeds (2013)
Hungarian Thyme, Eurasian Thyme – Thymus kosteleckyanus (syn. Thymus pannonicus pro parte) – aromatic spice and tea plant (frost hardy to zone 6b and warmer) – 20 seeds (2013)
Savory-Scented Thyme – Thymus marschallianus (syn. Thymus pannonicus pro parte) – aromatic spice and tea plant (frost hardy to zone 6b and warmer) – 25 seeds (2013)
Japanese Hedge Parsley, Upright Hedge Parsley, Erect Hedgeparsley – Torilis japonica – rare root and leaf vegetable, also medicinal biennial plant – 100 seeds (2013)
Wild Yellow Salsify, Fistulous Goat's–beard, Greater Sand Goat's–beard – Tragopogon dubius subsp. majus – rare tasty root vegetable, very ornamental – 50 seeds (2013)
Salsify – Tragopogon porrifolius – rare root vegetable – 20 seeds (2011)
Wild Yellow Salsify, Meadow Salsify, Showy Goat's–beard, Yellow Goat's–beard, Lesser Goat's–beard – Tragopogon pratensis – rare tasty root vegetable, very ornamental – 30 seeds (2013)
Strawberry Clover – Trifolium fragiferum – lovely perennial with odd inflated seed–heads, good bee plant – 200 pods with 200–400 fresh seeds inside – (2014)
Sweet Trefoil – Trigonella caerulea – rare aromatic spice and Chinense tea plant (dried leaves) – 20 seeds (2010)
Coltsfoot, Ass's foot, Bull's foot, Butterbur, Coughwort, Farfara, Foal's foot, Foalswort, Horse Foot, Winter heliotrope – Tussilago farfara – rare vegetable (flower stalks and leaves), tea substitute (fresh or dried leaves and flowers) and candy (candied young rhizomes) – 100 seeds (2013)
Southern Star, Blue–flowered Milkweed, Blue Star – Tweedia caerulea (syn. Oxypetalum caeruleum, Amblypetalum caeruleum) – very ornamental climber (numerous beautiful blue flowers) – 10 seeds (2013)
Entire-leaved Roman Nettle – Urtica dodartii – rare annual ornamental – 6 seeds (2013)
Wild Corn Salad, Wild Lamb’s Lettuce – Valerianella locusta – leaf vegetable – 50 seeds (2014)
Vervain – Verbena officinalis – rare spice (roots used as condiment to lacto–fermented cucumbers), tea substitute and medicinal perennial (zones 4 and warmer) – 2000 seeds (2011)
Tall Speedwell – Veronica longifolia – ornamental perennial (zones 4 and warmer), rare vegetable (tasty young shoots) – 100 seeds (2013)
Tiny Vetch, Hairy Vetch, Hairy Tare, Tare Vetch, Tyne Grass – Vicia hirsuta – rare leguminous vegetable (tasty boiled seeds used like lentils) – 100 seeds (2013)
Moth Bean, Mat Bean, Turkish Gram, Maṭki – Vigna aconitifolia (syn. Phaseolus aconitifolius) – tasty rare Asiatic legume vegetable (edible mature seeds and sprouts), drought resistant, original deeply palmate divided leaves – package 200 seeds (2011)
Ripply Cocklebur, Ripary Cockleburs – Xanthium albinum subsp. riparium – medicinal, poisonous and ornamental aromatic plant – 15 large seeds (2013)
Japanese Pepper Tree - Zanthoxylum piperitum – shrub to 2m (=7ft) tall , fruits – condiment (pepper substitute), aromatic leaves are edible, very frost hardy (to zones 5) – 10 fresh seeds (2014)
Mini Gherkin – Zehneria scabra (= Melothria scabra) – rare edible tasty fruit climber and medicinal plant – 25 seeds (2012)
Peruvian Zinnia – Zinnia peruviana – annual ornamental plant (lovely red flowers) to 0,6–1,0m (2–3ft) tall – 10 seeds (2013)
5/6 and warmer
HAVE: Cantaloupe - Hale's Best - 20 seeds For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
These will have to go in a reused bubble envelope for 3 stamps, or $1.50 Paypal (NOT sent as "goods & services", & no credit cards)

or trade for reasonable/equal amount of seeds.

All my other seed offerings, can be shipped with these, for the same postage.

These should germinate. I sowed some this year, and some germinated. I don't know the exact ratio though. That's why I'm sending 20 seeds.

A grower, should get some to mature, and save the seeds from one mature melon, if they want, to get a larger # of fresh seeds.
HAVE: Red Russian Kale - 1/4th TEAspoon For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
Harvested in 2014.

1/4th TEAspoon, is about 30+ seeds.

1 stamp snail mail, or 50 cent paypal NOT sent as "goods & services", no credit cards.

or trade for 1/4th TEAspoon small seeds, or 20 "regular" seeds (tomatoes, peppers, etc), or 10 large seeds (squash, beans, etc)
No Picture
I am a french guy and I'd like to make exchange with people.
I have several tomatoes seeds and zucchini
trade with me please For Exchange
No Picture
i have:
red cherry tomatoes (indeterminate)
snap peas (great for the cold season coming up)
bush bean
delicious tomatoes
snow pea (flower)

ill trade 10 seeds of your choice for 10 of your seeds

i want:
roma tomatoes
any sauce making tomatoes
any herb
Grain Seeds and More for Trade For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
No Picture
4 oz. Grain Sorghum
2 oz. Hard White Wheat
4 oz. White Proso Millet
2 oz. Montezuma Oat
2 oz. Sonora Wheat
1 oz. Hard Red Wheat
Luffa Sponge Gourd
Saved from 2014
Acorn Squash
Butter nut Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Watermelon Crimson Sweet/ Sugar Baby - not sure
Pie pumpkins
African Marigolds

Bee Balm
Lemon Balm
Red Clover
Queen Anne's Lace
Grain Seeds for trade For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
No Picture
I have 4 oz. of Grain Sorghum ,2 oz. of Montezuma Oat, 2 oz. Sonora Wheat,4 oz of White Proso Millet,2 oz. of Hard White Wheat, 1 oz. of Hard Red Wheat, all from 2012 (Sustainable Seed co.) Saved Coriander seed from 2013,Watermelon seeds (sugar baby or crimson sweet, not sure which 2014,organic spaghetti squash 2011,butternut squash 2014,pie pumpkin 2014, acorn squash 2014,chives 2014,Bee Balm 2015,african marigolds 2014

I could use some Henderson Lima Bean Seeds, Silver Queen Corn non-gmo,
Purslane (Portulaca oleracea) For Exchange
Common Purslane - annual succulent seeds collected 2015 grown as food crop in Europe and Asia. Harvest in evening for a more mild taste and harvest in the morning for a stronger flavor
Red Kuri Squash For Exchange
This squash produces a long vine that runs, needs full sun and needs to be mulched. I started this squash inside and waited for it to really get big, it was in a three gallon container before I put it in the garden.
Zone 6-9
Jack Beans for 2015 For Exchange
This bean is a plant that climbs vertically it takes 150 days to mature and needs full sun. I have planted two beans this year and it will give too many so I want to swap some of the beans for things I want for next years garden.
Zone 6-9
Seed swap For Exchange
No Picture
Seed swap For Exchange
No Picture
Seeds to barter
No Picture
I have a few seeds to barter
Wonder berry
Garden huckleberry
Austrian Field Peas
Elephant Garlic Corms
Crimson Clover
Radish- candela Di Fuoco
Artichoke Purple of Romanga

I am looking for these seeds or possibly rooted cuttings if possible.
St Johns Wort
Linden tree seed
Anise hyssop
FOR TRADE For Exchange
No Picture
Here is what I have to trade, these were all harvested summer 2014:

Chinese red noodle bean (pole bean)
Musquee de Provence pumpkin
Black Krim tomato
Roma tomato
Calendula (pot marigold)

I am looking for zucchini seeds or any other summer squash.
Seminole pumpkin For Exchange
Seminole pumpkin: These seeds were saved from one plant that flowered months before the others grown from the same seed packet. I am growing some more this year from this batch of seed to see if this quality will be passed on to the offspring. Seeds collected April 2015 and tested. Grown in isolation so seeds should be true. This is a large spreading plant suitable for southern conditions. Resistant to most everything

Tolli's Sweet Italian pepper
Honey Nut squash
Cornell’s Bush Delicata squash
Styrian hull-less or Kakai pumpkin
Hot peppers + others for trade For Exchange
No Picture
These seeds are from commercial packets:
Cayenne pepper- F1 Royal Flower
Cayenne pepper- Red Rocket OG Johnny’s 2013 (thin walled for drying)
Datil – 2013
Habanero, Chocolate – 2013
Habanero, Big Sun – 2013
7 pod Brain Strain Yellow – 2013
Numex Big Jim - 2014

These seeds were grown in isolation so they will be true:
Jalapeno, Giant – January 2015

These seeds will contain some crosses, all plants were grown within 50 feet of each other:
Bulls Heart – 2014
Jimmy Nardello 2014
Chilli de Arbol 2014
Cubanelle 2015

These seeds are from trades and I have not grown them:
Hot Blaze of Glory mix - (22 seeds)
Calico pepper, edible ornamental (20+)

Also for trade:
Glass Gem corn
Chinese Chard niú pí cài or Ju Na Cai, 牛皮菜 –same growing conditions as spinach
Burgandy or Jing Orange Okra –original package was mislabeled 2014

Aji Dulce pepper
Tolli's Sweet Italian pepper
Cascadia and Sugar Daddy snap peas
Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow pea
Honey Nut squash
Cornell’s Bush Delicata squash
French sorrel
Styrian hull-less or Kakai pumpkin
Dinosaur or Tuscan kale
Coyote or Everglades tomato
Have Lemon Basil seeds to trade for any heirloom seeds. For Exchange
I have seeds I saved from organically grown Lemon Basil. I am trying to plant 3 acres of heirloom/organic produce and flowers to donate to local food banks and to use as an educational garden.
I would love:
Asian Winged Beans
Chioggia Beets
Golden Beets
Lemon cukes
Crystal Apple Cukes
Gourds (any kind)
Any Asian veggies: mustard, bok choy, etc.
Heirloom Melons
Heirloom Pumpkins
Oak leaf/Red romaine Lettuce
any spare or leftover seeds would be awesome!
I also have an ad posted in "wanted" with my mailing info if you want to just mail me a few seeds of any kind. Thank you!
Delicious lady cream peas For Sale
No Picture
Hardy and prolific vining lady peas. Harvested 2014.
Zones 6-10
pregnant onion For Exchange
No Picture
Good pain releafe
Change or free For Exchange
Pregnant onion.
tobasco peppers For Exchange
1 ft average height

very colorful when blooming (blooms all year)

needs very little water

very hot peppers

looks like skittles
Seed Swap For Exchange
No Picture
I have:

Green Arrow Peas (packaged for 2013)
Snow's Fancy Pickling Cucumber (packaged for 2013)
True Lemon Cucumber (organic, packaged for 2013)
Meadow Foam (packaged for 2005)
Table Queen Squash (packaged for 2014)
Cumin (packaged for 2012)
Rosemary (packaged for 2013)

Looking for:

Sweet peppers
brussel sprouts
organic sweet corn

I am in zone 5a.
Want pink tomatoes, Kelloggs, Dr Wyches,Pineapple For Exchange
Have:cherry tomatoes-Yellow Pear,Snow White,Chocolate,Chadwick ,red Large, red,yellow,orange and chocolate peppers,purple long and black beauty Eggplant,Clemson spineless okra,cilantro,Sierra gold canteloupe,arugula,carrots, celosia and large 6' sunflowers ,ornamental peppers,WANT , jalapeño,Tabasco,habanero,corn ,cut flowers,beets,large cabbage, Please mention trade in first email
A variety of free seeds available -- Domestic and international exchange For Exchange
We’re a team of spring-loving, glove-wearing, hose-wrangling gardeners, who want to share our passion of seed-sharing with others around the world. Search The Seed Library for a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, or grains and propose a swap!

Current offerings:
tomatoes For Exchange, For Sale
No Picture
I have
Black Russian cherry tomato
Tiny Tim cherry tomato
Large red cherry tomato
Mexico midget cherry tomato
All are heirloom tomatos all were harvested in 2014

I am looking for...

White rabbit cherry tomato
Isis candy
Sun gold
Black krim
Other heirloom tomatos
And bell peppers....not green I have enough
Or strawberries :)
Eggplant Seeds For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
No Picture
Looking for:
- Ping Tung
- Louisiana Long Green
- Orient Express

Can offer you 200-Milkweed seeds that attract monarch butterflies, Florence Fennel (Finocchio), Black Krim Tomato pole, Sungold Tomato, Ensalada Tomato, Big Boy Hybrid Tomato, or Brandy Boy Hybrid Tomato
Seeds for exchange For Exchange
No Picture
I have:
(All open pollinated and purchased this year from Territorial Seed):

Sweet Pea Tomato (tiny currant) tested
Gold Nugget Tomato (cherry)
Old German Tomato (slicer) tested
cuore di bue Tomato (paste) tested
Principe Borghese tomato (paste) tested

Harvested myself:
Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash

I'm looking for:
Red Kuri Squash
Delicata Squash
Gold Nugget Squash
Small Sugar Pumpkin
Spaghetti Squash
Celery Root
Rosa Bianca, prospero, or caspar eggplant
Red Ursa kale
Ox heart carrot
Daikron radish
Beans and Corn to Trade For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
No Picture
Heirloom Black Beans
Heirloom Hickory King Corn
Open to any seeds but would like herbs, medicinal and culinary.
All Zones
seed list 2014-15 For Exchange
No Picture
çinerested in a seed swap with Belgium? (shortlist, ask4more)

amaranth red leaf
beets 'chioggia'
orache red or green
texcel greens kale
leaf mustard
tree spinach
pickle cucumber
pumpkin hokkaido green/red kuri
perennial aragula
Roselle tea hibiscus
Chinese mallow
passiflora 'granadilla'
beans: monastic coco, hidatsa, rattlesnake,
golden sweet snap pea
corn salad
corn: glass gem, painted mountain
For Trade For Exchange
No Picture
Looking to trade, open to about anything suited to my climate (Missouri, zone 5/6) and that I don't already have.

Smoke Signals Popcorn
Reids Field Corn, yellow dent
Austrian winter Peas
Alaska Winter Peas

Will trade for about anything, but really want:

pole beans
Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean to trade For Exchange
No Picture
I love this green bean variety. I first grew it in a pot on a balcony and it produced enough pods to save, and I planted those in the ground last summer. Four plants produced enough that my husband and I were able to eat fresh green beans all summer.

Seeds I'm looking for:
four o'clock
common lantana
Pumpkin Seeds For Exchange
No Picture
Have Big Max and Jarrahdale (blue) Pumpkin Seeds.

Want Fairytale or other white Pumpkin Seeds, radicchio, rainbow carrots, cress or any other greens.
No Picture
• Flax (25-50#)
• Buckwheat (50-150#)
• Austrian Winter Peas (100min-500#)
• Garbanzo Beans (Chick Peas) (100min-150#)
• Fava Beans (also called Faba) (25-50#)
• Amaranth
• Cowpeas (30-50min#)
• Einkorn (35#min)
• Emmer (35#min)
• Corn
o Purple Morada Corn (5#min-10#)
o Blue Corn (5#min-10#)
• Kaniwa (like Quinoa) (10#)min

We would like to share or trade
• White Sonoran Winter Wheat
• Red Fife Wheat
• Peruvian Yellow Beans
• Colorado River Beans
• Tepary Beans (White and Brown mix)
• Pinto Beans
• Glass gem corn
• Other flint corn
• Gila Pima corn
• Chapalote Corn
• White Proso Millet
• Sesame (Mid-shattering variety)
• 75 day red Sorghum hybrid
• (Large leaf?) Plantain
• Peredovic Sunflower
• Spanish Peanut
• Camelina
• Alfalfa
• Native Sweet Sorghum
• 180 day Chia
• 4010 Forage Peas (winter)
• Luffa
• Gourd
• Brandywine and Roma tomato
• Mexican Hat Flower
• Galliardia blanket flower
• Marigold
• Aswad Eggplant
• Zinnia
looking for seeds/have offerings For Exchange
No Picture
wondering if anyone is willing to trade or SASE. I am looking for the following:
*Green bush beans
*Yellow wax beans
*Beets – nothing fancy because it’s really for the kids. Just your standard beets
*Carrots – kids love the colored ones. And I typically grow the Scarlet Nantes (Daucus carota var sativus) better than others

What I can trade:
*Radish (store bought, barely used seed pack)
*National Pickling Cucumber seeds (high mowing pack, no one here liked them)
*I have some saved pumpkin seeds – labeled as mini or small
Seeds Available to trade Summer 2015 For Exchange
No Picture
Here's what I have; the list is organized according to the year I bought or saved the seeds.

Bought in 2013:
Brussels sprouts - Long Island improved
cabbage - premium late flat Dutch
cabbage - Chinese Michihili (Napa)
celery - tendercrisp
leek - giant Musselburgh
melon - Minnesota midget

Bought or traded in 2014:
artichoke - globe
beets - cylindra
beets - early wonder
eggplant - long purple
French sorrel
Good King Henry
red-veined sorrel (bloody dock)
red rhubarb
watermelon - sugar baby

Saved in 2014:
green beans - Kentucky pole
Thai basil - Siamese Queen


Bought or saved in 2014:
black-eyed Susan
pink hollyhock
red hollyhock

Seeds I'm looking for:

four o'clock
common lantana
kabocha squash For Exchange
No Picture
looks a little bit like a pumpkin, but it is a squash!
butternut squash For Exchange
No Picture
Asian Bitter melon seeds for trade For Exchange
No Picture
I have Asian bitter melon seeds. Direct sow after frost. Harvest a summer. There are several recipes on the web. It is an acquired taste, but thinly sliced with a small amount of sweet onion, microwave 30 sec and let set for 1 hour makes a great relish for rice when cooking hot/spicy Asian food. These were brought from Thailand 40 years ago and propagated many times over, so I guess they are heirloom at this point. These seeds are from 2014.

I would be interested in a trade for heat tolerant fruit, berry, flower, herbal or interesting seeds of any kind.

Thank you!
SEED TRADE For Exchange
No Picture

Okra-jing orange/burgundy
Cabbage- zelje varazdinsko
Iceberg lettuce-solata dalmatinska ledenka
Thai basil-siam queen
Winter squash- PA dutch crookneck
Summer squash - early summer crookneck
Bitter melon
Squash-local variety
Mustard greens
Long beans
Chinese kale
Radish-snow white
Eggplant-white ruffled/ thai long green/ dark round purple from taiwan
Tomato- roma/ beefsteak/ currant etc.
Winged beans

Shishito pepper
2014 Watermelon Seeds For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
Basketball size watermelons that have a thin rind and bright red sweet meat. I planted 5 seeds and they overran my yard.
Seeds for Trade For Exchange
No Picture
All of the following are seeds I have and are willing to trade. I'm not picky so if you see something you are interested in send me an email and make me an offer.

Peppers I Have:
Cherry Bomb
Green Bell
Red Bell
Peter Pepper
Carolina Reaper
Moruga Scorpion
Ancho Poblano
Banana Peppers
Chinease Five Color(very limited amount)

Tomatoes I Have:

I also have:
Strawberry Popcorn
Spaghetti Squash
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
Autumn Beauty Sunflowers
seed needed (for a newbie) For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
I a newbie to garden and I will be doing container gardening I'm for free or for sale here is the seeds I'm looking for:

pepper Hot Cayenne
Boston pickling cucumber or(something like tham)
Butternut squash or
acorn squash
Tomato & Pepper seeds For Exchange
I have about 200 tomato varieties (of all colours) avaliable for exchange. I also have peppers and chilli peppers, some egg plants, etc.
I'm looking for tomatoes, pepper, chilli, watermelons and other vegetables. Also very interested in rare varieties.
Hot & super hot pepper sees to trade For Exchange
No Picture
Choc moruga
Brazilian star fish
aji pineapple
biker billy jalapeno
aji cito
red bhut
purple cayenne
choc fatalii
orange hab
black congo
Jay's peach GS
Jay's red GS
bih jolokia
bhut Indian carbon
bhut white
dorset naga
Goats weed
red rocoto
yellow manzano
brown moruga
red moruga
butch t x douglah
yellow 7 pot
Lemon drop
White Devil's Tongue
7Pod Brainstrain Yellow
White Devil's Tongue
White Bullet Habanero
Yellow Bullet Habanero
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Naga Morich
Naga Viper x ?
Chocolate Scorpion
Indian P-C1
CARDI Yellow Scorpion
Bahamian Goat

All are OP
Looking to trade for exotic plants, veggies and herbs For Exchange
I have some seeds I believe you'd might like including:
Local Laos Basil (from Laos)
Pesto Basil(from Italy)
Boston Pickling Cucumber
Dragon Tongue Bush Bean
Rats Tail Radish
Mexican Mini Cucumbers
Golden Sunshine Beans

I'd be interested in:
Exotic edible or medicinal plants, the stranger and more delicious the better. No truly tropical plants though as I live in Northern California and have no greenhouse. This is my first post, so I'm eager to see what people have for trade.
Veggies for Trade 2014 For Exchange
No Picture
Artichoke - Green Globe
Beans - Anasazi*
Beans - Asian Edible (4)
Beans - Black Turtle Bush Bean
Beans - Blue Lake 275
Beans - French Horticulture
Beans - Henderson’s Lima (3)
Beans - Red Asparagus Bean
Beans - Royal Burgundy*
Beans - Tenderette
Beans - Tigers Eye*
Broccoli - Calabrese Green Sprouting
Broccoli - Romanesco
Broccoli - Waltham 29
Cabbage - Late Flat Dutch
Carrot - St. Valery
Cauliflower - Purple
Celery - Utah 52-70
Collards - Georgia
Corn - Blue Dent
Corn - Golden Bantam
Corn - Green Corn
Corn - Hooker’s Sweet corn
Corn - Strawberry Popping corn
Corn - Sweet Inca
Cowpeas - Pink Eye Purple Hull
Cress - Garden
Cress - Upland
Eggplant - Long Purple
Eggplant - Thai Green
Garden Berries - Sunberry (wonder berry)
Grains - Canola
Grains - Flax, Golden
Grains - Millet, German Foxtail
Grains - Millet, Purple Majesty
Grains - Quinoa, Kaslala
Grains - Rice, Blue Bonnet
Grains - Sesame, Light
Greens - Arugula
Greens - Muluhiyah
Kale - Dwarf Siberian
Kale - Red Russian
Lettuce - Green Oak Leaf*
Lettuce - Paris Island Romaine
Lettuce - Rogue de Hiver*
Melon - Green Flesh Pineapple*
Onion - Egyptian Walking
Peas - Field
Peas - Little Marvel
Peas - Sugar Daddy (snow pea)
Peas - Sugar Snap
Pepper - Hot - Cayenne
Pepper - Hot - Poblano
Pepper - Hot - Thai Red Hot
Pepper - Sweet - Chervena Chuska
Pepper - Sweet - Green Bell
Pepper - Sweet - Red Bell
Pepper - Sweet - Sweet Banana
Radish - French Breakfast
Radish - Rat Tail
Rhutabaga - Purple Top
Squash - Summer - Burpee Golden Zucchini (5)
Tomato - Pink - Pink Tree Tomato
Tomato - Purple - Black Star (10)
Tomato - Red - Beefsteak
Tomato - Red - Besser (10)
Tomato - Red - Crimson Cushion Beefsteak
Tomato - Red - Italian Tree (10)
Tomato - Red - Large Red Cherry
Tomato - Red - Roma
Tomato - Red - Rutgers
Tomato - Red - vr Moscow
Tomato - Striped - Ananas Noire
Tomato - Yellow - Garden Peach
Tomato - Yellow - Huge Lemon Oxheart
Tomato - Yellow - Nicholson’s Cherry (5)
Tomato - Yellow - Polish Yellow Golfball (9)
Tomatillo - Purple
Watermelon - Crimson Sweet

Beans - anything interesting and colourful i dont have.
Beets - Detroit Dark Red
Beets - Golden Yellow
Carrots - Tendersweet
Cauliflower - White Globe
Gourd - Birdhouse
Kale - Dinosaur
Peppers - Jalapenos
Tomatoes - Cavern
Tomatoes - Dances with Smufs
Zucchini - Black Beauty
Stokes Sweet Potato slips For Exchange
No Picture
I have a few Stokes Sweet Potato slips for trade. I want to trade them for other known sweet potato slips you might grow. I really would love to try Georgia Jet but I am open to any.
Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers or Cucamelons For Exchange
No Picture
Cucamelon (Melothria scabra 75 days) is also known as the Mexican Sour Gherkin, mouse melon or “Sandiita” or little watermelon in Spanish. Tiny, 1 x 1/2 in. light-green fruits with darker mottling look like watermelons for a doll house. The flesh is white, crisp, crunchy with a slight lemony tartness. The flavor is closer to a cucumber than a melon. One person described them as,"Cucumber with a bit of watermelon rind and a squeeze of lemon juice." Incredible, small cucumber-like fruit are shaped like baby watermelons. They are good added to salads or can be pickled. They have a cucumber-like taste with a touch of lemon. The ornamental vines have tiny leaves and flowers and are perfect for the cottage garden. Very unique and fun. Huge yields. Read about these in “Mother Earth News”. I will exchange 30 -35 of these seeds for 30 bean or corn seeds. I am looking for unusual or rare corn or beans. I live in Cherokee North Carolina. You can contact me on this web site or at
Zones 5 -9
fig cutting For Exchange
No Picture
I have fresh vegetable seeds from my own yard

- gailan/kailan chinese kale
- kangkung/ Ipomea aquatica
- chicory
- kemangi/ indonesian basil
- javanese ginseng
- Platycodon grandiflorus/Doraji
- Malva verticillata
- cucumbers
- bitter gourd
- luffa gourd

Tropical Fruit (endemic)
- Anacardium accidentale
- Tamarindus indica
- jackfruit
- salacca salacca
- longan
- soursop/ Annona muricata
- guava
- noni /Morinda citrifolia
- ginkgo biloba
I need
- rare, vigorous and productive figs cuttings.
- pomegranate all variant
- olive
- dates palm
- dates plum

For fruit seeds i recomended send with fedex or registered mail, shipping cost added. And you must understand with custom restriction in your country.
Tomato Seeds (I have and I'm looking for) For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
I'm looking for these Tomato Varieties:

4 Morros
AAA Sweet Solano
Abe Lincoln
Anna Maria's Heart
Australian Heart
Belgian Pounder
Berkeley Tie Dye
Big Cheef
Black Amber
Black Mystery
Black Zebra Cherry
Buffalo Soldier
Scarlet Beef
Coeur de boeuf de Nice
Coeur de boeuf S. Berthier
Coeur de Jade
Cynthia's Black Heart
Dawson's Russian Oxheart
Debbie Blackburn
Dinner Plate
Dinofrio's German
Dos Mercados
English Rose
Hungarian Pink Heart
Jaune de Thoune
Jaune Plissée
John's Huge Greek Red Australian
Lilian Red Kansas
Marianna's Howard German
Moya green
Mushroom Basket aka Gribnaja Korsina aka Pilzkorb aka Gribnoe Lukoshko
Queen Elizaveta
Sakharnyi Pudovichok aka Sugary Pounder
Sister Myriam
Tennessee Black
Triomphe de Liège
Wolford Wonder

I've these Tomato Seeds to swap:

Aker's West Virginia
Aker's West Virginia Black
Aladdin's Lamp
Altajsky Urozajnij
Amana Orange
Amish Paste
Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red
Anna Russian
Aunt Gertie's Gold
Azoychka Russian
Beauty King
Behemoth King
Belgian Farmer's Beefsteak
Berkeley Tie Dye Heart
Big Rainbow
Big Yellow Zebra
Big Zebra
Black Aisberg
Black from Tula
Bloody Butcher
Brandywine Sudduth's Strain
Brandywine Yellow
Break O'Day
Burpee Delicious
Caspienne rose
Champ Martin
Cherokee Green
Cherokee Purple
Chocolate Stripes
Coeur de boeuf d'Albenga
Coeur de boeuf Géant Reif Red
Coeur de boeuf hongrois
Coeur de boeuf jaune
Coeur de boeuf Orange
Coeur de boeuf rouge
Coeur de poulain
Coeur de Surpriz
Cosmonaute Volkov
Costoluto Genovese
Coucher de soleil
Couilles de taureau
Cuban Pink
Dagma's Perfection
De Barao Black
De Barao Gigant
De Barao Red
De Barrao 2
Délice d'Or
Ernie's Plump
Eva's Purple Ball
Fred Limbaugh Potato Top
Géante belge
Géante d'Orenbourg
Gelb Dettilwein
German Gold
German Red Strawberry
Giant Pear
Gioia della mensa
Golden King of Siberia
Goldene Königin
Graf Batthyány
Gran's Portuguese Neighbour
Great Divide
Greek Asemina
Green Giant
Gregori's Altai
Grosse plate du Portugal
Grünes Zebra Birnchen
Heart's Delite
Heart's Delite Black
Hillbilly Purple
Hungarian Giant
Italian Tree aka Italian Climber aka Climbing Trip aka Triple Crop
Jahmato Banana Pear
Japanese Black Trifele
Jaune de la Saint-Vincent
Jaune flammée
Jersey Devil
Junitomate rot
Junitomate schwarz
Kentucky Beefsteak
Kotlas Sprint
Large Pink Bulgarian
Latah Early
Lescana Heart
Luchschij is Lutschsh
Malachite Box
Marizol Purple
Mary Robinson's German Bicolor
Miel rose
Mikarda Sweet
Miss Kennedy
Moldovan Green
Mortgage Lifter
Moya jaune
Moya noire
Nature's Riddle
Negrillo de Almoguera
Negro de Silex
Noire de Crimée
Northern Lights
Nuits australes
Old German
Olena Ukrainian
Olirose de Saint-Domingue
Orange Banana
Orange Bourgois
Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge
Orange Green Zebra
Oscar Gonthier
Pamplemous du grand'père
Peace Vine Cherry
Pertsevidny Piprakujuline
Petit moineau
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye
Potiron écarlate
Purple Price
Red Kaki
Red Siberian
Ribera del Ebro
Roger's Best Black
Roma striée
Rosa de Barbastro
Rosa de Huesca
Rose de Berne
Rose Quartz Multiflora
Royale des Guineaux
Russian 117
Sadko Pink
Saint Jean d'Angély
San Marzano Redorta
San Marzano Semiorto
Sasha Altai
Schellenberg's Favorite
Shuntuksky Giant
Sibirische Orange
Sophie's Choice
Spear's Tennessee Green
Striped German
Striped Turkish
Stump of the World
Summer Cider Apricot
Sweet Carneros Pink
Tee Mo Or
Tiffen Mennonite
Todd County Amish
Tollinson's German
Verna Orange
Walthrup Green
Zloty Ozarovski

If you have someone from my Search List and want another from the Swap List please contact me!

You will become from me 20 Seeds for each Variety you want, and I hope I'll receive the same by swapping
Tomatoes and others végétales. For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale

We have, my friend and me , 2000 varieties of tomatoes (approximate) and anothers vegetables for Sale or exchange Contact for list > MP or by mail >

Blog multilanguages >

Noms des tomates - Fichier allégé :

42 days
"100 pudov
= 100 ?????"
1884 purple op
aaa sweet solano
abraham lincoln op = abraham lincoln buckbee's op = abraham lincoln original op
absinthe op
africa 1
africa 2
afrique du nord
afrique du sud
agatha noire
ailsa craig op
aker s west virginia op
"alaska op = ??????
= aljaska op"
alaskan fancy
"albertovske zlute = ??????????
= ????????????? ??????"
alicante op
"alice roosevelt op
= comète"
alki blue blood
"alpatiev op = ????????? = alpatievskie op
= alpetevia op = alpatjeva op
= gruntovoj alpatjeva = gruntovyi alpateva"
altajsky op
alter komunist
"amana orange op
= rosii mari galbene"
amateurs dreams op
ambosia giant
"amerikanskiy sladkiy
= amerikanskyi sladkip"
amish gold op
ampel himbeerfarben
"amristsar 1 aus india op
= amritsar op"
ana bendel
ananas noir op
ananas op
ancienne belge
andine cornue
andine cornue orange op = des andes jaune op = poivron jaune op = jaune des andes op
andrina op
anmore treasures
anna russian op
"apelsyn = apfelsin op
= ???????? = apelsinovyje op"
"arbuznyi = arbus = arbuus
= arbuzniy = ????????"
arina russian op
"arkansas traveler op
= traveler op"
arthur fowler op
ashley river
atkinson op
auld sod
aunt ruby's german green op
auriga op = ?????
aussie op
avalanche op
aventuniai op
"azoychka russian op
= azoycho op"
babywine op
balconi yellow op
ballon rouge
"banana legs op = banana legs large yellow op
= banana legs yellow op = banane jaune op "
= red cherry barbaniaka"
bargemont op
"batala op
= ?pata?a "
"bawole cerce op = bawole serce op
= serdtse buivola op = ?????? ???????"
bealive it or not
bear claw op
beauté blanche du canada op
beautiful dreamer
beauty queen op
"becker's blaue op
= becker's blaue dolgener op"
beef taninges op
"beefsteack naine
= beefsteak bush"
behemoth king
belgian heart
"beliy naliv = belyi naliv 241 = belij naliv 241
= bely naliv 241 = ????? ????? 241
= white pouring 241 = white ripening 241
= white naliv"
belle angevine op
belle arlésienne op
belle du jardinier
belle du marché
belle inconnue
belle de pologne
belmonte op
ben gourion
benawah op
berkeley tie-dye op
berwick german
besser op = besser cherry
betalux op
bianca op = bianca cherry op
"biello russian op
= bielorusskaja op = bieloruukaya"
big black volunteer
big orange
"big rainbow op = rainbow op
= grand arc-en-ciel"
"big white pink stripes op
= big pink white stripes op"
"big yellow zebra
= pork chop op"
big zebra op
bing cherry
birdie rouge op
"biskiy zeltiy op = bijskij zeltyi op
= biisky zhelty op = ??????? ??????"
bison op = bizon op
black aisberg op
black and red boar
"black cherry op
= cerise noire op"
black master op
black moutain pink op
"black pear op = ????? ??????
= grusha ghernaja op = must pirn op"
"black prince op = prince noir = must prints
= schwarzer prinz = ?????? ?????"
"black russian op = noire de russie
= russian black = russe noire = vene must"
"black sea man = black seamen
= homme de la mer noire"
black star op = blackstar op
black striped cherry
black yumyum
"black zebra op = noire zébrée op
= dawson's black zebra op = schwarze zebre op"
"black zébra cocktail
= black zébra cherry"
blanche du canada op
blanche yan
blauverk = ????????
bloody butcher op
blosser pink
blue beech
blue berries
blue fog
blue river op
blue streak
blue tears
boars hoof
bolivian wild
bonner op
"bonny best op
= bonnie's best op"
borgo cellano op
"bosnian yellow
= yellow bosnian"
bouncer op
"brandywine cherry op
= cherry brandywine op"
brandywine cowlick's
brandywine gail's strain op
brandywine liams op
"brandywine op =
red brandywine potato leaf"
brandywine otv op
brandywine red rl
"brandywine sudduth's strain op
= quisenberry strain op = brandywine sudduth"
brandywine yellow op
branscomb's orange
brimmer op
"brin de muguet op = maiglöckchen op
= lily of the valey op"
britain's breakfast
broad ripple yellow currant op
brown op
"brown berry op
= cerise chocolat op"
brown flesh op
"buckbee's new 50 day op
= fifty day = new fifty day "
"buckeye state op = duke of york op
= livingston's buckeye state op"
budaï torp op
bucalata de brebu
bug county
"burbank op = the burbank op
= burbank red slicing op "
burkazovah mazh = bukasow mark
"burpee delicious op = delicious op
= délicieuse de burpée"
bushy chabaroyskyi op
"butter and eggs
= butter n'eggs"
buzeu 22
campari nuovo
campbell 33
campbell's 1327
canabec orange
canabec rose op
canabec rouge
canadian dwarf
canary rose
"canestrini op = canestrino op
= canestrino di lucca op = little basket op"
canestrino garfagnana
capriciosa op
captain lucky
"caspienne rose op = ?????????? ???????
= caspian pink op = kaspijskij rosovij op"
cereza amarilla
"cerise jaune abel op
= mirabelle jaune"
cerisette lylia
cerry galbene rotunde antuza
cerry portocalii antuza
chair de bœuf précoce
chapka mohomaka
charlie chaplin
charlie s green op
charnue de huy
"charnue de salamanque
= carnoso de salamanca"
chateau rose
chello op
chemin rouge hative
cherokee green pear
cherokee purple
cherokee white
cherry ghost
cheshire oxheart
chibikko op
chile verde
chilicote red
chio chio san
chocolate cherry
chocolate stripes
christmas grapes
"chudo rynka/rinka = miracle du marché
= miracle of the market op = ???? ?????"
"chukhloma op = khokhloma op
= ???????"
church op
"ciorchini romanesti
= grappe roumaine = buisson"
clear pink op
= cocktail clémentine"
clémentine bleue
cleopatra op = Kleopatra ?
cleota pink
"cléota yellow op
= jaune de cléota"
climbing trip l crop
cœur de bœuf = cuor di bue
"cœur de bœuf albenga
= cœur de bœuf de ligure"
cœur de bœuf blanc
cœur de bœuf bulgary
cœur de bœuf jaune
"cœur de bœuf jérusalem op
= jérusalem op = jérusalem giant op"
"cœur de bœuf orange
= bytch'e serdtse orangevoe"
cœur de bœuf reif red
cœur de bœuf rose
cœur de bœuf russe
cœur de bœuf sibérie
cœur de pigeon op
cœur de portugaise
cœur de poulain
connie's cain
cooper's red
corne de bélier
"corrogo op = korrogo du sénégal op
= petite plate côtelée op"
cosmonaute volkov
"costuloto fiorentino
= florentine"
cotelée de gènes
côtelée de Valence
coucher de soleil
couille de taureau jaune
cow's tit
cream brûlée
cream sausage
crimson jack
criolla quetzalepeque
croatian heart (mistery)
cuban black
cuban yellow grape
cul de singe
dagma's perfection op
dancing with smurfs
dar op = ???
"dar zavolzia
= ??? ???????? "
datterino = datterini
de abaño
de barao black op
"de barao orange op
= de barao orangevyi"
de barao polosatyi
"de barao zholty = de barao jaune
= ?? ????? ?????? =?? ????? ???????"
de barao zolotoy op
de bérao op
debbie blackburn op
"délicate op = leckertomate op
= delikate op = ?????????"
délice de danoe
"delice du jardinier op = montplaisir op
= gardener's delight op = gartner Wonne op
= sugar lump op"
des alliés
des missionnaires
des olonnes
"deweese streaked op
= marbrée de la dendre op"
didi's yellow
dingo eye
"dix doigts de naples op
= dix dougats di napoli
= ten fingers of naples op"
dixie golden giant
domaci crveni
don camillo op
douce de picardie op
doucette de fougères
dr buresh pink italian op
dr carolyn op
dr lyle op
dr neal op = général grant op
du petit bonhomme
dublu ceri
"dubok op = dubrava op = ?????
= little oak = ???????"
dufresne op = savignac op
dulce de fagaras
dulcia = dulce = ???????
durdulia de durdun rosu
"dwarf champion improved op
= livingston's improved dwarf champion"
dwarf jade beauty
"dwarf mr snow
= neige"
"earliana op
= avon early op = early avon op"
"early sibérian op
= sibirskii ranospelii op"
eckert polish op
édouard op
egg yolk op ?
"egyptienne op
= egyptian op"
elbe op
"elberta girl op
= schimmeig creg op"
eli op
erika d'australie op
eros op
ester hesse yellow op
evans purple pear
evergreen op = émeraude
fakel op = ?????
fantome du laos
faribo goldheart op
= ?????????????"
favorie de bretagne
federle op
fence row op
"feuerwerk op
= feu d'artifice op"
fioletovnyi kruglyi op
flin flon op
flor de baladre op
"floradade op
= flora dade op"
fragola garfagnana
fraise ananas
freckled child
from samobor SRCE
"galapagos (noire de)
= kumato"
galina op
gary ibsen's gold
gary'o sena
gaune jacobin
"géante belge op = giant belgium op
= giant belgium pink op = belge géante
= belgian giant op = belgischer riese op"
geante d'orembourg op
"gelb dettilwein op
= gelbe dattelwein op "
gem state op
george's green op
german black op
german giant op
german johnson
giant black ukrainian
giant fiolet op
"gigant novikova 10
= ?????? ???????? 10"
girl girl weird thing
glacier op
glick 18 op
gloire de France
gloire de malines op
gogoshary striped op
"gold nugget op
= pépite d'or op"
golden bison
"golden cherokee op
= cherokee golden op"
golden dwarf champion op
"golden jubilee op
= jubilee d'or op"
golden konigin op
golden treasure op
goose rock
grandma's oliver s green op
granny cantrell german
grappe inconnue
grappler's quest
grappoli corbarino op
great divide
"great white beefsteack
= grosse blanche"
green copia op
green doctors frosted op
green giant op
green martian dwarf
green moldovan
green sausage op = caytana op
green velvet op
green zebra op
greenbush italian op
grégory altaï op
gremyast chi
"grosse bordeau noire op
= bordo op"
grosse lisse d'Espagne
grosse du gers
grosse hâtive d'orléans
grosse italienne
grosse marly
grosse marmande
grosse rouge plate du portugal
grosse rouge de vienne
grosse violette
gru vee
grün gelb gestreiffte
gruntowe niskie
"grushowka op
= grusmovka op = grusherka op"
guernsey island
guido pietroboni
gulliver op = ????????
haand cherry jaune
haand cherry rouge
hahms gelbe topftomate op
harbinger op
harbon op
hartman yellow gooseberry op
haubners vollendung
hazel mae op
heart's delight black op
heinz 102 op
henderson's crimson cushion
hezhou 909
"himmersstümer op
= himmelsstürmer op"
holodok op = ???????
homer fike's yellow oxheart op
hong yueng op
"howard german paste op
= marianna's horward german op"
hssiao his hung shih
huan u = topaz
hugh's op
"hugh's black op
= huge black op"
hungarian giant op
hunt (competition tomato)
"hurma op = persimmon op
= ?????"
iberville op
ikarus op
indian stripe bruson strain op
indigo rose
"inima de bou de brebu
= cœur de bœuf roumain"
"inima de bou de cowgareni
= cœur de bœuf roumain"
inra mursure
irina cedex
irma op = ????
isis candy cherry op
islandaise op
ispolin op = ???????
italian beefsteack op
"italian giant paste op
= italian giant op"
"italienne noire
= italian black"
"ivory egg op = old ivory egg op
= australian yellow plum op"
ivory pear
jack white
jaffa op
jake's op
"jantar op
= lycopersicon esculentum"
"japanese black trifele / triffle op
= ???????? ??????? ??????"
"japanese krabi = japanese crab
= ???????? ???? = yaponskij krab"
japanese triffle yellow op
"japanese truffed oranzikas op
= japanese trüffel orangevij op"
japonaise haute op
jaune flammée op
jaune de nole op
jaune à rayures internes
jaune saint vincent
"jaune de thoune op = thoune op
= gelbe thun op = giallo di thun op"
jeff davis op
jersey devil op
jewish = jewis op
"jina op = dzhnina op
= ?????"
jitomate bulito op
"joffre op = danish export op
= général joffre op = joffre T dabisch export"
johannis beere jaune op
"joies de la table op = tafelfreude op
= gioia della mensa op"
join or die = belle du collège
joseph espagnole 2
joseph espagnole 3
joyau d'idaho op
jp berlan
julia child op
julia nana op
julia pologne 1547B
julia's heart
"june pink op
= earliana pink op"
jupiter op
"kaki op
= ?????"
kaki coing op
kamatis tagalog
karos op
"kartoffel pink op
= kartofelnyi op"
"kavkazskaja liana op
= kaukasiche liane op"
kay's white op
kazakh schalavije op
kecskemeti 407 op
kellogg's breakfast op = KBX
kentucky beefsteak op
kibits ukrainian
kiev op
"kimberley op
= kimberly op"
king island
"king of siberia
= ?????? ?????? = korol sibiri"
komanatnye op
korean love op
"krakus op
= gruntowy kartovy krakus"
krasnodar titans op
"kuldne wihm
= golden rain"
languedocienne op
large green
large pink bulgarian op
laurent black
"leatha's op
= leatha's italian op"
lemon boy op
lemon bush
"lemony op = limmony op
= limonnij op = ????????"
lescana romanian beef op
"lev op
= lion = ???"
libanaise des montagnes
liberty bell op
"lime green salad op = salad vert lime
= green elf op = lime green op"
"limonchiki op
= ?????????"
lincoln adams
linosa op
liscio tondino
little lucky op
little lucky heart op
"livingston's beauty = beauty op
= new beauty = alnerr new beauty"
"livingston's honor bright op
= lutescente op"
"livingston's paragon op
= paragon op"
livingston's rosy morn op
lollipop op
"longkeeper op
= burpee long keeper op"
"ludovik XVII op
= ??????? XVII op"
lungo facchin
lycopersicum macrocarpum nigra op
mac gee
"macha op
= mashenka op = ????????"
madagascar op
madame rouge
madara op
malinowe = malenove
malinowy olbrzym pl op
malinowy ozarowski op
malinowy retro op
mallorca colgar
mammoth german gold
mamoht = mamont = mammouth
manyel op = many moons
manzana op = roma païs op
marché de samarkande
margo's palace giant
maritime pink op
marizol maroon
marmande hâtive
marmande verte op
"marvel striped op
= marvel stripe op = striped marvel op"
mary robinson's german bicolor op
marz round green
maskotka op
match jollier's
"matchless op = burpee's matchless op
= burpee's quarter century op"
"matina op
= tamina rl op = aufbinder rl op"
matt's wild cherry op
mauve de russie op
max's large green op
maya op
mc clintock's big pink
médaille d'or
medford op
medovaya kaplya
mémé de beauce op
mennonite orange op
"merveille des marchés op = cudorinske op
= march marvel op = cudo rynka op
= wonder van de markt"
merveille des serres
mesa verde
metsch lubitella
"micado violettor op
= mikado violette op"
microbeicum oceemus op
midnight in moscow
miel du Mexique op = mexican honey / cherry op = honigtomate aus mexiko op = zuckertraube op = mexikanische honigtomate op
mille fleurs
minibel op
mirabelle blanche op
mirabelle op
miss kennedy op
mission dyke op
mix the two
mobil op = ?????
mom's op
momognahela epidote
mont athos op
montlhéry améliorée
montmaurin 1920
montserrat pink op
morado de aretxabaleta
morado de vejer de la frontera
mormon 50 days
moskvitch op = moskvic op
mostenirea lui ichim
mousilias les mules
mountain gold op
mountain princess op
moya jaune
moya noire
mr stripey
"muchamiel seleccion cuello verde
= muchamiel sélection collet vert"
mystère berthier
"napoli op
= pomodoro di napoli "
nectar op
"negib jaune op
= nedid jaune op"
negrillo de almoguera
"negritjonok = little black
= little nigger = ??????????"
negro liso de maratalla
negro de silex
nepal op
neves azorean red
new big dwarf op
new zeland pear op
niagara VF 316 op
nicoviotis orange op
nil river egyptian
nina's heirloom op
"noire de crimée op = néro di crimea op
= black krim op = black crimson op"
noire pétule
nonna antonina
northern green
northern lights op
northern roosa
nuits australes op
"odessa op = odesskij op
= odesskie op = odesskii op"
old bess
old german op
old virginia op
"olena ukrainienne op
= olena warshova op"
olirose de saint domingue
omar libanaise op = libanaise des montagnes = omar's lebanese op
opalska op
orange banana op
orange bourgois op
"orange fleshed
purple smudge op"
orange minsk
orange oxheart op
orange paste op
orange plum
orange queen op
orange russian 117 op
"orange strawberry op
= fraise orange"
orange striped
orsara pezute
osue 360
osue blue
osue blue cerise
osue blue cœur
pacessetter 510 op
pacific union red
"paketa op = raketa op
= fusée op = p?????"
palestinian op
palla di fuoco op
"palmira's northern
italian heirloom / beefsteack"
"palosanto op = palo santo op
= palosanto de cardedeu op"
"pamplemousse du grand-père op
= grapefruit op = ????n?????"
"pamyati korneeva
= ?????? ???????"
peacevine cherry op
"pearly pink cherry op
= pearl's pink cherry op"
"pêche blanche op
= white peach op"
"pêche jaune op
= garden peach op"
pépé josé
pera d'abruzzo op
père joseph rouge
"perestroika op
= ??????????? "
perfect storm
= pertsevindny"
pete's italian whopper
petit ananas
petit cœur de bœuf
petit moineau op
= doucet's petitebec"
"petite rouge de bâle op = basel bieter roeteli
= petite rouge amère de bâle op"
petite rouge de vieux chien
petras gerippte op
pierce's pride op
piersica antuza
pik's yugo op
pink accordian op
pink berkeley tie die
pink berkeley tie die heart
pink cherokee purple
"pink elephant op
= pink elefant op = ??????? ????"
pink furry boar
pink ping pong op
pink vernissage
pipo op$
"piprakujuline roosa
= Belle inconnue moscovite"
plaisir d été op
plate de châteaurenard
plus de un kilo op
poil blanc op
poire blanche op
"poire jaune op
= yellow pearshaped op"
poire lumière merveilleuse
poire rouge op
poivron rouge op
poland pink = podland pink
polish pastel
"pomidor = kavalerovo chinese
= kitaiskii pomidor op = ????????? ????? ?p"
pomme d'amour op = pomme d'amore op
pomme rouge de montpellier op
popa de vaca
portuguese op
potager de vilvorde op
"potiron écarlate op
= knallrote tomate op"
powers heirloom op
praleska op
prize of the trials op
productive de falisolle
promyk op
prue op
"prune noire = russian black plum
= russian paste = brown grape"
prune rouge op
punta banda op
purple blumble bee
"purple calabash op
= calabash purple op = purpur kallebasse op"
purple dog creek op
"purple russian op
= ukrainian purple op"
purple smudge op
qiyanaï huang
queen ann
quinte op
raisin vert
rebel yell
red barn op
red head zlatovlaska op
red pear
red robin op
red star op
red zebra op
reine dorée op
reine d'or op
reinette fruitée
reinhard's goldkirsche
rhoades heirloom
ribera del ebro op
riccio di parma = riccio bolognese
"rio grande op
= ??? ??????"
rodopi op
roger's best black
"roi humbert op = re-umberto op
= king humbert op = roi umberto op
= kral humbert op = chiswick red op
= koning humbert op = éclipse op
= merveille d'italie = de Malte à grappes"
roma op = ???? op
roma colibri
"roma striped
= roma zébrée"
roman candle op
ropecro paste op
rosa de huesca = rosado de huesca
rosa plé
rosabec op
rose de bâgé
"rose japonaise op
= japanese pink op"
"rose de podlaky op
= rose de podlachie op"
rose quartz multifora
rose voyageur op
rosii portocalii antuza
rosii romanesti fara arac
rosii mandra
roskoff op
rouge de corse
rouge du Dauphiné
rouge égyptienne
rouge du gers
rouge d'irak op
rouge naine hative de saint victor
rouge de namur
rouge de saint jean
rozowy miod
ruslan op = ??????
"russe rouge
= russe = red russian"
russian cossack
russian green op
"russian lemon op = citron russe op
= sleevuhvidnaya op"
"russian persimmon op
= khurma op"
russian rose
rutgers op
saint jean d'angely op
saint mitchel
saint pierre
"sainte lucie
= sainte lucia op"
"sakharnyi zheltyi op
= ???????? ??????"
san marzano op
san marzano 2 = san marzano semiorto
san marzano 113
sandul moldavan
say yen
schimeig stripped hollow
schnellfruchtende aus wirowsk
serre wonder
shadow boxing
shmoborsko volovsk srce
"shuntukski velikan
= shuntukskii giant"
sibirishe orange op
sibiriskiy skoropelyi
silvery fir tree = varend blad
sleeping lady
slovenian oxheart
smokey moutain op
"snow white cherry op
= schneewittchen op "
sophie s choice
soyuz eleven
spear s tennessee green
"speckled roman op = striped roman
= romaine mouchetée"
splash of cream variegated
striped peper
striped turkish
subartic plenty
suhkruploom kollane
summer cider apricot
sunrise blumble bee
super grise extra
super marmande
super orange
super sioux
super steak op
sweet gold
sweet pea currant
tangella op
tangerine op
tasmanian blushing yellow
taxi yellow
tc jones
"tchornyi mavr = black mavr
= black moor"
tecoh teepee
tegucigalpa op
tel aviv train
tennessee black
teta de monja
téton de vénus jaune
téton de vénus rouge op
thai pink
three sisters
tien min op
tiffen mennonite op
tiger tom
tigrella bicolore op
tijuana negro
tomaquet de penjar
tondino di maduria
trefle du togo
très belle de dordogne
tres cantos
triffle black
"triomphe de liège op
= sieger von luttich"
= ???????? = Lampovidnyi"
tzi bi u = violet jasper
ukrainian heart
ultimate giant
una hartsock beefsteack
uribikany op
"uspekh op
= uspech op = succes op"
val's black striped
valencia op
vega de la camocha
velvet red op
verna orange
"vernissage black = ???????? ??????
= vernisazh cherny"
vernissage yellow
verte de huy
verte polonaise
verte de revadim
vezha op = ????
victor vissotskiy op
vieille lorraine
vintage roman
vintage wine
violaceum op
violette fleische op
vir 2920
"volgograd op = volgogradskij op
= Volgograskie op = wolgogradskij
= ????????????? = ?????????"
"voyage op
= travel op"
"vzryv = explosion
= ?????"
wagners italian op
wanda's potato top
wapsipinicon peach op
washington cherry op
wayahead op
= weissbehaarte"
wheatley frost resistant op
white beauty op
white princess op
white queen op
white wonder = merveille blanche
white zebra
wickling cherry
wild kingdom
wild peru
willamette op
wins all op
wladivostokij 39
wmd pink
"wonderlight op
= plum lemon"
wonderlight red
yamal op
yaska yugoslavian op
"yellow belgium op
= jaune de Belgique op"
"yellow debut op
= yellow belgium debut op"
yellow giant belgium op
"yellow stuffer op = yellow gourmet op
= gourmet yellow stuffer op"
yellow zebra
yubilenyniy tarasenka
zao que tchano op
zapotec brown flesch op
"zapotec pink pleated op
= zahnrad op"
"zarianka op
= zaryanka op"
zarnitsa op = zarnitca op
zelenopodny = ?????????????
"zemljak op
= Zemlyak op = ?????? 1"
zhuang hong kiao
"zigan = shugan = gipsy op
= mustlane op = tsõgan op = ?????"
zloty ozarowsky op
zluta kytice
zogola op
zongshu op

See you soon !

USDA 7 to 9
Fresh trade list 2014 fall For Exchange
No Picture
Sweet peppers:
-         Marconi purple
-         pepperoncini frigitello
-         purple beauty
-         rubens (5-6 seeds for a trade)
-         Sweet Lilac Bell
-         sweet red cherry
-         yellow mini bells
-         yummy (5-6 seeds for a trade)

-         Bird’s Eye
-         Chocolate cherry
-         Explosive Ember
-         Habanero Red (5-6 seeds for a trade)
-         Hungarian purple
-         Hungarian Wax
-         Jalapeno
-         Jalapeno Early
-         Jalapeno purple
-         Jamaican yellow
-         Lőcsei (letchauer – old hungarian heirloom)
-         Medusa
-         Merah
-         NuMex Big Jim
-         NuMex Centennial
-         NuMex Improved
-         NuMex R Naky
-         NuMex Sandia
-         Orange peter
-         Paco Loco
-         Pasilla bajio
-         Peruvian Purple
-         Purple Tiger
-         Pusa Jwala
-         Rooster’s Spur
-         Satan’s Kiss
-         Szechouan
-         Thai yellow

-         Altaechka
-         Arkansas traveller
-         Aunt Ruby’s German Green
-         Beefsteak
-         Big Rainbow
-         Black cherry
-         Black Krim
-         Black russian
-         Black Seaman
-         Bolivian wild
-         Brad’s Black Heart
-         Brown Berry
-         Chapai
-         Cherokee Green
-         Chile Verde
-         Chocolate berry
-         Chocolate Striped Beefsteak
-         Coastal Pride
-         Copia
-         Costoluto Genovese
-         Cuore di Bue
-         Dagma’s perfection
-         Delicious
-         Dr Carolyn’s white cherry
-         Egg yolk
-         Gold Currant
-         Golden sunrise
-         Great white
-         Green zebra
-         Grub’s Mystery green
-         Ildi
-         Indigo rose
-         Isis candy
-         Jaune Flamme
-         Lemon Drop
-         Lemony
-         Ligaw
-         Matt’s wild cherry
-         Oregon Spring
-         OSU Blue
-         Pink Oxheart
-         Principe Borghese
-         Rebell Yell F7
-         Red cherry
-         Red pear
-         Roma VF
-         Rozovy Miod
-         Rutgers VF
-         Striped Cavern
-         Sweet Pea
-         Tagalog
-         Transparent
-         Turkish Striped
-         Voyage (brains)
-         Wapspinicion Peach
-         Wild Peru
-         Wonderlights
-         Yellow pear
-     Amethyst jewel
-     Brin de Muguet
-     Lollipop
-     Tlacoula

Melons and other cucurbits:

- Piel de Sapo melon
- Queen Ann's Pocket melon
- Galeaux d'Eyesinne pumpkin
- Tennessee Dancing Gourd
- Sweet Dumpling
- Wax Gourd
- Pumpkin 'Vitaminnaia'

-         Brown sugar
-         Calico pop
-         Crimson Goddess
-         Early Pink
-         Earth Tones Dent
-         Glass gem
-         Hopi Blue
-         Hopi Greasy Head
-         Oaxacan Green
-         Red Dragon
-         Red Flint
-         Strawberry

Asian vegetables and vines:
-         Chinese cabbage
-         Gobo ( Arctium lappa , japanese burdock)
-         Mizuna
-         Mizuna lime streaked
-         Mizuna red
-         Pak choy
-         Shungiku (edible chrisantemum)
-         Thai mustard leaves ’Kai choi’

-         Alegria
-         Giant orange
-         Greek Purple
-         Lotus purple
-         Love Lies Bleeding
-         Oeschberg

-         Iowa sweet
-         Lemon
-         Black seeded sweet

-         Japanese millet
-         Fingermillet
-         Purple millet

-         Black Beauty
-         Casper
-         Chaopraya
-         Golden eggs
-         Melanzana Prosperosa
-         Melanzana Viserba
-         Moro rotondo
-         Red ruffled
-         Rosa Bianca Sfumata
-         Thai green round
-         Thai long green
-         Thai White Ribbed

Lettuces and greens:
-         Chicory ’Chioggia’
-         Chicory ’Grumolo Verde’
-         Chicory ’Orchidea rossa’
-         Lactuca sativa ’Buttercrunch’
-         Lactuca sativa ’Freckless’
-         Lactuca sativa ’Merveille des quatres saisons’

-         Cucumis anguria
-         Cucumis anguria ’Liso Calcutta’
-         Cucumis callosus
-         Cucumis zambianus
-         Kiwano (Cucumis metuliferus)
-         Armenian Yard Long cucumber

Other vegetables:
-         Okra ’Burgundy red’
-         Okra ’Cowhorn’
-         Okra ’Dwarf Long Green’
-         Okra ’Jing orange’
-         Tigernuts, Chufa (Cyperus esculentus)

Ground cherries:
-         Aunt Molly’s ground cherry (Physalis pruinosa)
-         Garden huckleberry (Solanum melanocerasum)
-         Ground cherry (Physalis peruviana)
-         Physalis viscosa
-         Purple tomatillo (Phisalis ixocarpa)
-         Tomatillo Toma Verde (Phisalis ixocarpa)
-         Tomatillo Rio Grande verde (Phisalis ixocarpa)
-         Wonderberry (Solanum x Burbankii)

-         Agastache foeniculum
-         Artemisia absinthium
-         Calamintha nepeta
-         Calendula officinalis
-         Cymbopogon citratus
-         Cymbopogon martinii
-         Echinacea purpurea
-         Mentha suaveolens
-         Monarda citriodora
-         Nepeta cataria
-         Ocimum basalicum ’Iranian green’
-         Ocimum basilicum ’Iranian purple-green’
-         Ocimum basilicum ’Italian large leaf’
-         Ocimum basilicum ’Licorice scented’
-         Ocimum basilicum ’Lime scented’
-         Ocimum basilicum ’New Guinea’
-         Ocimum basilicum ’Pineapple scented’
-         Ocimum basilicum ’Pistou’
-         Ocimum basilicum ’Rosie’
-         Ocimum basilicum ’Thai holy basil’
-         Ocimum basilicum ’Thai red holy basil’
-         Oenothera biennis

Fruits and trees:
-         Bixa orellana
-         Bombax ceiba
-         Chaenomeles japonica
-         Mimosa pudica
-         Passiflora edulis
-         Passiflora ligularis
-         Passiflora mollissima
-         Prunus cerasifera
-         Prunus spinosa
-         Rosa cannina
-    Annona cherimola    
-    Annona squamosa    
-    Empetrum nigrum     
-    Rubus chamaemorus
-    Rubus reflexus  
-    Rubus saxatilis

I’m looking for unusual edible plants, heirloom, and open pollinated vegetables, and fruits.
Have:Ruby Red Lettuce 4 ANY TRADE For Exchange
I have fresh 2014 seed of ruby red lettuce. It was organicly grown. You will recive 150-200 seeds. I will consider all trades.
Naturally Organically Grown Heirlooms for Trade For Exchange
I currently have the following OP organically grown heirloom seeds to trade (all harvested fall 2014):

Greenwood Tobacco (50+ seeds);
Red Cap Mushroom Pepper (Very HOT!) (25 seeds)
Cinnamon Basil (25+ seeds);
Calendula (25+ seeds);

I am looking for the following seeds (other heirloom varieties may be considered):

Hopi Black Squash;
Seminole Pumpkin;
Feuerwerk Tomato (aka Firework);
True Comfrey (not the Bocking cultivars;
Pretzel Bean (aka Ram's Horn Bean);
True Red Cranberry Bean;
Dragon’s Egg Cucumber;
Mexico Midget Tomato;
Early Hanover Kale;
Red Winter Kale;
Molten Fire Amaranth;
Hopi Red Dye Orach;
Dwarf Coffee Plant seeds;
Rich Sweetness 132 Melon;
Oriole Orange Chard;
Pink Pampas Grass;
USDA Zone 5 - 9
Floriani Red Flint Corn For Exchange
No Picture
Makes great corn meal.
Texas Persimmon Seeds to Trade For Exchange
No Picture
I have packages of 10 seeds each. All from this years crops. Would like to trade for Violets multi colored Lima bean, garlic, brussel sprout seed, blooms dale spinach.
Boston Pickling Cucumber For Exchange
No Picture
Boston Pickling Cucumber seeds harvested in August 2014. Looking to trade, just let me know what you have! I got so many cucumbers off these plants this year. I had plenty to pickle, eat fresh, share with friends, and save seeds.
Large Quantities of Seeds for Exchange For Exchange
No Picture
I have large quantities of the following seed:

Smoke Signals Popcorn
Common Buckwheat
Reid's Field Corn
Austrian Winter Pea

I would really like to trade for large amounts (1-20 lbs) of the following, but will also consider smaller exchanges as well:

Gaspe Corn

Any older variety of wheat like Einkhorn, Emmer, Red Fife or Turkey Red.

Any OP Sweet corn


I will buy any of these as well.

Also interested in smaller amounts of:

Roma Tomato
Brussel Sprouts
Tuberous Chervil, Turnip-Rooted Chervil, Chaerophyllum bulbosum - new seeds - August 2014 - bulk package - 100g of seeds (approximately 30000 seeds) For Sale
Tuberous Chervil, Turnip-Rooted Chervil, Chaerophyllum bulbosum - new seeds - August 2014 - bulk package - 100g of seeds (approximately 30000 seeds)
The tubers are delicious, raw and cooked. Raw have flavour of fresh nut, cooked taste like chestnuts. Biennial plant to 2m (6ft) tall. Frost hardy to zone 5 and warmer. Tubers of less than 1-yaer old plants can be harvested from end of May (when the leafs are died ) along all summer. Seeds are very short viable. I send new fresh seeds harvested in this summer - 2014. Seeds must be sow outside in end of summer or in autumn. The seeds sprout in late winter/early spring. The plant very easy to growing. Tuberous Chervil was formerly cultivated as form Chaerophyllum bulbosum subsp.bulbosum var. sativum f. hortense. The medieval monasteries were promoted the cultivation of this plant. To this day it is collected from the wild in the Czech Republic and southern Germany. Tubers cultivated plants attains the size of 5-10 cm (2-4 inch). Package of 100g fresh clean seeds (harvested in August 2014). (The coin on the photo has size about 1 inch = 2,5 cm)
About 5-6 and warmer
Tuberous Chervil, Turnip-Rooted Chervil, Chaerophyllum bulbosum - new seeds - August 2014 - bulk package - 0,25 kg of seeds (approximately 75000 seeds) For Sale
Tuberous Chervil, Turnip-Rooted Chervil, Chaerophyllum bulbosum - new seeds - August 2014 - bulk package - 0,25 kg of seeds (approximately 75000 seeds)
The tubers are delicious, raw and cooked. Raw have flavour of fresh nut, cooked taste like chestnuts. Biennial plant to 2m (6ft) tall. Frost hardy to zone 5 and warmer. Tubers of less than 1-yaer old plants can be harvested from end of May (when the leafs are died ) along all summer. Seeds are very short viable. I send new fresh seeds harvested in this summer - 2014. Seeds must be sow outside in end of summer or in autumn. The seeds sprout in late winter/early spring. The plant very easy to growing. Tuberous Chervil was formerly cultivated as form Chaerophyllum bulbosum subsp.bulbosum var. sativum f. hortense. The medieval monasteries were promoted the cultivation of this plant. To this day it is collected from the wild in the Czech Republic and southern Germany. Tubers cultivated plants attains the size of 5-10 cm (2-4 inch). Package of 0,25 kg fresh clean seeds (harvested in August 2014). (The coin on the photo has size about 1 inch = 2,5 cm)
About 5-6 and warmer
Tuberous Chervil, Turnip-Rooted Chervil, Chaerophyllum bulbosum - new seeds - August 2014 - bulk package - 0,5 kg of seeds (approximately 150000 seeds) For Sale
Tuberous Chervil, Turnip-Rooted Chervil, Chaerophyllum bulbosum - new seeds - August 2014 - bulk package - 0,5 kg of seeds (approximately 150000 seeds)
The tubers are delicious, raw and cooked. Raw have flavour of fresh nut, cooked taste like chestnuts. Biennial plant to 2m (6ft) tall. Frost hardy to zone 5 and warmer. Tubers of less than 1-yaer old plants can be harvested from end of May (when the leafs are died ) along all summer. Seeds are very short viable. I send new fresh seeds harvested in this summer - 2014. Seeds must be sow outside in end of summer or in autumn. The seeds sprout in late winter/early spring. The plant very easy to growing.
Tuberous Chervil was formerly cultivated as form Chaerophyllum bulbosum subsp.bulbosum var. sativum f. hortense. The medieval monasteries were promoted the cultivation of this plant. To this day it is collected from the wild in the Czech Republic and southern Germany. Tubers cultivated plants attains the size of 5-10 cm (2-4 inch).
Package of 0,5 kg fresh clean seeds (harvested in August 2014).
(The coin on the photo has size about 1 inch = 2,5 cm)
About 5-6 and warmer
Tuberous Chervil, Turnip-Rooted Chervil, Chaerophyllum bulbosum - new seeds - August 2014 - bulk package - 1 kg of seeds (approximately 300000 seeds) For Sale
Tuberous Chervil, Turnip-Rooted Chervil, Chaerophyllum bulbosum - new seeds - August 2014 - bulk package - 1 kg of seeds (approximately 300000 seeds)
The tubers are delicious, raw and cooked. Raw have flavour of fresh nut, cooked taste like chestnuts. Biennial plant to 2m (6ft) tall. Frost hardy to zone 5 and warmer. Tubers of less than 1-yaer old plants can be harvested from end of May (when the leafs are died ) along all summer. Seeds are very short viable. I send new fresh seeds harvested in this summer - 2014. Seeds must be sow outside in end of summer or in autumn. The seeds sprout in late winter/early spring. The plant very easy to growing.
Tuberous Chervil was formerly cultivated as form Chaerophyllum bulbosum subsp.bulbosum var. sativum f. hortense. The medieval monasteries were promoted the cultivation of this plant. To this day it is collected from the wild in the Czech Republic and southern Germany. Tubers cultivated plants attains the size of 5-10 cm (2-4 inch).
Package of 1 kg fresh clean seeds (harvested in August 2014).
(The coin on the photo has size about 1 inch = 2,5 cm)
About 5-6 and warmer
Fern-leaf Dropwort - Filipendula vulgaris - tuberous vegetable perennial For Sale
Fern-leaf Dropwort - Filipendula vulgaris - This is tuberous vegetable perennial to 0,8m (=3 ft) tall. It creates dense clumps. The edible tubers are aromatic and starchy, very delicious raw and when baked, boiled or (especially) candied. The tasty leaves are also edible raw or cooked. Also medicinal plant - package 60 fresh seeds (harvested in summer 2014)
(The coin on the photo has size about 1 inch = 2,5 cm)
About 5-6 and warmer
Exchange Vegetable & Fruit Seeds For Exchange
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I am modifying my advertisement due to the scarcity of various seeds in Sri Lanka due to the unexpected and severe climatic changes in this Asian Region. Now I can offer only seeds of : Papaya, Wood Apple, Pumpkin, Ladies Fingers, Egg Plant (Brinjal), Green Chillies and Ridged Gourd (Watakolu)of Sri Lanka Origin. Please let me know how I could collaborate with you all to exchange fruits of your country. I will exchange our seeds free of charge. But please ask only any 2 groups of seeds. thanks.
California wonder Bell Pepper seeds For Exchange
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California wonder Bell Pepper
Rainbow Swiss Chard wanted For Exchange
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I'm looking for rainbow swiss chard seeds to trade.

I have red onion seeds, chocolate stripe tomato seeds and mini sweet pepper seeds, charleston grey watermelon seeds and acorn squash.
Seeds Available to Trade For Exchange
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Hi, here is a list of the seeds I currently have to trade:

Tropical Fruit (Would need frost protection in zone 8 and lower):
Sugar Apple - Annona squamosa
Wampee - Clausena lansium
Black Sapote/Chocolate Persimmon - Diospyros digyna - just a few seeds
Texas Grapefruit - Citrus x paradisi
Tamarind - Tamarindus indica

Charentais Melon
Texas Honeydew
Lemon Drop Melon

Fruits and Vegetables:
Autumn Bell Pepper
White Winter Radish
Luffah Squash (edible or dry to make luffah sponges)
Russian Olive - Elaeagnus angustifolia (not an Olive, but has edible fruit, perennial)

Texas Natives (non-edible):
Blue Bonnet - Lupinus Texensis
Texas Redbud - Cercis canadensis var. texensis
Texas Mountain Laurel - Sophora secundiflora
Mexican Buckeye - Ungnadia speciosa

I am mostly interested in seeds for unusual fruits and vegetables appropriate for zone 8 or 9. I live in Central Texas. Here are some some specific seeds I am looking for:


Abiurana (Pouteria bullata)
Barberry (Berberis species - aristata, buxifolia, darwinii, or vulgaris in particular)
Blue Elderberry (Sambucas caerulea)
Cambuca (Plinia edulis)
Yellow Cattley Guava (psidium cattleianum or lucinum)
Cherry Prinsepia (Prinsepia sinensis)
Chilean Guava (Ugni molinae/myrtus ugni)
Chilean Wineberry (Aristotelia chilenses)
Chocolate Vine (Akebia quinata or Akebia trifoliata)
Creeping Raspberry (Rubus petalobus/rofei/calycinoides)
European Hackberry (Celtis australis)
Golden Currant (Ribes aureum)
Guava (Psidium guajava) - particularly Mexican Cream, Pink Tropic, Red Indian and other zone 8 varieties
Herbert River Cherry (Antidesma dallachyanum)
Indian Jujube (Ziziphus mauritiana)
Jacket Plum (Pappea cappensis)
Japanese Dogwood (Cornus kousa chinensis)
Jua (Ziziphus joazeiro)
Karanda (Carissa carandas)
Kei Apple (Dovyalis caffra)
Kwai Muk (Artocarpus hypargyraeus)
Mountain Soursop (Annona montana)
Mysore Raspberry (Rubus niveus)
Naranjilla (Solanum quitoense)
Otricoli Orange Berry (Solanum nigrum)
Passionflowers with edible fruit (Passiflora alata, tucemensis, lutea, elegans, herbertiana, mollisima)
Pera do campo (Eugenia klotzschiana)
Rumberry/Guavaberry (Myrciaria floribunda)
Seashore Palm (Allogoptera arenaria)
Stauntonia Vine (Stauntonia hexaphylla)
Tasmania Vine (Billardiera longiflora or Billardiera scandens)

Vegetables and Herbs:

Achoccha (Cylanthera pedata)
American Groundnut (Apios americana)
Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei koidzui)
Chinese Toon (Toona sinensis)
Crosnes (Stachys affinis)
Good King Henry (Chenopodium bonus-henricus)
Hog Peanut (Amphicarpaea bracteata)
Japanese Hakurei Turnips (Brassica rapa var rapifera)
Limoncillo (Pectis angustifolia)
Litchi Tomato (Solanum sisymbriifolium)
Mangelwurtzel (Beta vulgaris)
Mission Lettuce (Dudleya edulis)
Nine Star Perennial Broccoli (Brassica oleracea botrytis aparagoides)
Pink Purslane (Claytonia sibirica)
Perpetual Kale (Brassica oleracea ramosa)
Sea Kale (Crambe maritima)
Shishito Pepper (Capsicum annuum)
Siberian Pea Tree (Caragana arborescens - Lam.)
Skirret (Sium sisarum)
Tiger Nut (Cyperus esculentus)
Tomato - Currant Sweet Pea cultivar (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Trailing Bellflower (Campanula poscharskyana)
Wild Pepper Grass (Lepidium virginicum)

I prefer to trade several varieties of seed at once to keep postage reasonable, especially for international trades. Thanks!
Egyptian Walking Onion Bulbs For Exchange
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I have Egyptian Walking Onion bubils available for trade.

Seeds I'm looking for:

four o'clock
common lantana
Piel del sapo melon For Exchange
hello everyone :)
have fresh piel del sapo melon seeds
Spanish-style melon about the size and shape of a football with an attractive green, mottled, patterned skin (non-netted rind). Also known as Santa Claus, Christmas, Camouflage or Frog Skin, this delicious melon has pale green to white flesh that is very sweet, juicy and tender. Piel de Sapo melons have a super-sweet melon flavor with a juicy, honedew-like essence.
seeds are fresh 2014
want to change it for something interesting, or something from list:
Afghan Honeydew Melon,Amarillo Oro Melon,Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte Melon, Apple Melon, Arancino Melon, Ashkahabad Melon, Banana Melon, Barese Melon, Bateekh Samarra Melon, Carosello Scopatizzo Barese Melon, Carosello Tonda di Fasano Melon, Casaba-Golden Beauty Melon, Cavaillon Espagnol Melon, Charentais Melon, Collective Farm Woman Melon, Crane Melon, Crenshaw Melon, D'Alger Melon, Delice De La Table Melon, Dosakai Melon,Early Frame Prescott Melon, Early Hanover Melon, Early Silver Line Melon, Emerald Gem Melon, Escondido Gold Melon, Gaucho Melon, Giant Katsura Melon, Indian Cream Cobra Melon, Ineya Melon, Iroquois Melon, Kajari Melon, Keli Kheli Melon, Malabar Vellary melon, Mango Melon (Vine Peach), Metki Dark Green Serpent Melon (Armenian), Nara Melon , Obus or Kroumir Melon, Oka Melon, Old Greek Melon, Orlinabel Melon, Panama Passionfruit Melon, Pear Melon, Plum Granny (Queen Anne) Melon, Prescott Fond Blanc Melon,Riddle Melon, Rugoso di Cosenza Melon, Sakata's Sweet Melon, Sierra Gold Melon, Sleeping Beauty Melon, Small Persian Melon, Tendral Verde Tardif Melon, Thai Golden Round Melon, Tigger Melon, Uzbek Sweetness Melon, Valencia Winter Melon, Yellow Canary Melon, Zatta Melon

Ali Baba Watermelon, Arkansas Black Watermelon, Blacktail Mountain Watermelon, Charleston Gray Watermelon, Citron Watermelon, Congo Watermelon, Cream of Saskatchewan Watermelon, Daisy or Yellow Shipper Watermelon, Desert King Watermelon, Dixie Queen Watermelon, Early Moonbeam Watermelon, Fairfax Watermelon, Georgia Rattlesnake Watermelon, Golden Honey Watermelon, Golden Midget Watermelon, Hopi Yellow Watermelon, Irish Grey Watermelon, Japanese Cream Fleshed Suika Watermelon, Jubilee Bush Watermelon, Klondike Blue Ribbon Striped Watermelon, Ledmon Watermelon, Malali Watermelon, Melitopolski Watermelon, Missouri Heirloom Yellow Flesh Watermelon, Moon and Stars Watermelon, Moon and Stars Yellow Flesh Watermelon, Navajo Winter Watermelon, Orange Flesh Tendersweet Watermelon,Orangeglo Watermelon, Peacock Striped Watermelon, Royal Golden Watermelon, Scaly Bark Watermelon, Stone Mountain Watermelon, Takii Gem Watermelon, Tendergold Watermelon, Texas Golden Watermelon, White Sugar Lump Watermelon, White Wonder Watermelon.

or any interesanting tomato....
if you are interested pm me, im sure we will made a good deal for both
rare Chinese chard or leaf beets For Exchange
Chinese Chard or Leaf Beets-cool season vegetable.
This is a very rare vegetable found in Hong Kong and southern China. I have been told it is called "Pig Mother" in literal translation. The Chinese name is niú pí cài or Ju Na Cai, 牛皮菜. It seems different villages call it by different names. Very pest and disease resistant including root knot nematode. Seeds harvested in May 2014. Great spinach substitute.

consider trades for something new.
Free Giant Pumpkin Seed SASE! For Free
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Hi everyone! I'm pretty new but thought I'd try to do a free SASE to help other newbies out(you don't have to be a newbie though!).
seeds exchange For Exchange
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Hi, I am in Bristol for a few days so if you are enclose to this city we can exchange seeds by hand without send Letter. I have turmeric roots, blueberry seeds, achiote (annato)seeds, mung bean seeds, butternut squash seeds and lin seeds. If you aren'near Bristol and you want to exchange seeds with me please contact me by mail.
Tan Cheese Pumpkin Seeds For Exchange
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I will trade 20 Tan Cheese Pumpkin seeds for any kind of seeds. Let me know what you would like to trade.
Harvested in 2013
rawitt hot chilli for sale For Sale
rawitt hot chilli (capsicum frustescens l.) belongs to the family of Eggplant-family (solanaceae). These plants include the annuals or short-lived plants that grow as shrubs/bushes, with a height of plants can reach 1.5 m.

harvested april 2014

usually use as sambal(hot shrimp paste) or other. taste is very hot.

available more than 10 pack, 100++perpack. $4.88 including shipping(handstamp). paypal is accepted.
want to exchange For Exchange
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seeds i have:
1) pineapple melon
2) dessert melon
3) honey dew melon
4) watermelon Danka
5) Crimson sweet watermelon
6) ornamental gourd
7) white patison - Eva
8) chamomile
9) basil small leaf ( organic seed)
10) dill ( organic seed)
11) Kurt's gate pepper
12) pepper Novosadjanka
13) califonia miracle pepper
14) pepper krusnica
15) yelow feferona ( Serbian chili)
16) red feferona ( Serbian chili)
17) pepper Amphora
18) pepper Matica
19) spinach Matador
20) kohlrabi Viennese white
21) swiss chard silverleaf
22) cabbage Futoski
23) tomato Backa
24) tomato pegasus
25) mercado de paris carrot
26) cylinder beet
27) radish winter black
28) radish
29) zucchini
30) cucunber local tipe
31) cucunber pickles
32) eggplant semi-long
Seeds to trade For Exchange
No Picture

Black Sapote/Chocolate Persimmon - Diospyros digyna

Red Custard Apple - Annona reticulata

Cherimoya - Annona cherimola

Kumquat - Citrus japonica

Russian Olive - Elaeagnus angustifolia (not an Olive, but has edible fruit)

Texas Mountain Laurel - Sophora secundiflora

Mexican Buckeye - Ungnadia speciosa

Blue Bonnet - Lupinus Texensis

Corn - Peaches and Cream Hybrid Variety


We are mostly interested in unusual fruits and vegetables appropriate for zone 8 or 9. Here are some some specific seeds we are looking for:

Abiurana (Pouteria bullata)
Ambarella (Spondias dulcis)
Barberry (Berberis species – aristata, buxifolia, darwinii, or vulgaris in particular)
Blue Elderberry (Sambucas caerulea)
Cambuca (Plinia edulis)
Cattley Guava/strawberry guava (psidium cattleianum or lucinum)
Cherry Prinsepia (Prinsepia sinensis)
Chilean Guava (Ugni molinae/myrtus ugni)
Chilean Wineberry (Aristotelia chilenses)
Chinquapin (Castanea pumila)
Chocolate Vine (Akebia quinata or Akebia trifoliata)
Cocoplum (Chrysoblanus icaro)
Creeping Raspberry (Rubus petalobus/rofei/calycinoides)
European Hackberry (Celtis australis)
Golden Currant (Ribes aureum)
Guabiyu (Myrcianthes pungens)
Guava (Psidium guajava) – particularly Mexican Cream, Pink Tropic, Red Indian and other zone 8 varieties
Herbert River Cherry (Antidesma dallachyanum)
Indian Jujube (Ziziphus mauritiana)
Jacket Plum (Pappea cappensis)
Japanese Dogwood (Cornus kousa chinensis)
Jua (Ziziphus joazeiro)
Karanda (Carissa carandas)
Kei Apple (Dovyalis caffra)
Kwai Muk (Artocarpus hypargyraeus)
Mountain Soursop (Annona montana)
Mysore Raspberry (Rubus niveus)
Naranjilla (Solanum quitoense)
Otricoli Orange Berry (Solanum nigrum)
Passionflowers with edible fruit (Passiflora alata, tucemensis, lutea, elegans, herbertiana, mollisima)
Pera do campo (Eugenia klotzschiana)
Rumberry/Guavaberry (Myrciaria floribunda)
Seashore Palm (Allogoptera arenaria)
Stauntonia Vine (Stauntonia hexaphylla)
Tasmania Vine (Billardiera longiflora or Billardiera scandens)

Vegetables and Herbs:
Achoccha (Cylanthera pedata)
American Groundnut (Apios americana)
Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei koidzui)
Chinese Toon (Toona sinensis)
Crosnes (Stachys affinis)
Good King Henry (Chenopodium bonus-henricus)
Hog Peanut (Amphicarpaea bracteata)
Japanese Hakurei Turnips (Brassica rapa var rapifera)
Limoncillo (Pectis angustifolia)
Litchi Tomato (Solanum sisymbriifolium)
Mangelwurtzel (Beta vulgaris)
Mission Lettuce (Dudleya edulis)
Nine Star Perennial Broccoli (Brassica oleracea botrytis aparagoides)
Pink Purslane (Claytonia sibirica)
Perpetual Kale (Brassica oleracea ramosa)
Sea Kale (Crambe maritima)
Shishito Pepper (Capsicum annuum)
Siberian Pea Tree (Caragana arborescens - Lam.)
Skirret (Sium sisarum)
Tiger Nut (Cyperus esculentus)
Tomato – Currant Sweet Pea cultivar (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Trailing Bellflower (Campanula poscharskyana)
Wild Pepper Grass (Lepidium virginicum)

For international trades, I would prefer to trade several different types of seed at a time, to make shipping costs more affordable. I am located in Texas, USA.
Last Years Organic Grown Chard a bumper crop (2013) For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
This is a Ruby Red/ Neon glow mix which has shiny, green, ribbed leaves, with petioles that range from white to yellow to red. If you have never grown chard or eaten it; the way we like to prepare it is steamed, it tastes like "buttery spinach." It is very easy to grow with little care necessary and produces prolifically. Fairly winter hardy in the southern continental U.S. My 2014 season is ending now and a new batch of seed will be available in 4-6 weeks, however I have a lot of seed from last years crop available. I'm offering packs of 300 seeds for U.S. "64 & before (mercury)silver dimes" or Canadian equivalent. Money orders and cash $3.50 + $1.00 S&H per 300 lot pack [inquire for prices on larger quantities]. For inquiries email I have other items for sale & trade contact me for details ~ be sure to include your offerings for trade. Mail orders send to: Herbal Alchemyst 3916 Emoty Rd. El Paso, Tx 79922
Heirloom seeds for exchange For Exchange
No Picture
I am looking to trade my veggies and flowers for any other heirloom variety.All my seeds are GMO free and have been passed down over generations, I have been studying these plants for 3 years and have been actively seeking them out. Here is what I have:

-Pink Brandywine
-Big Rainbow
-Pruden's Purple
-Tomato Fantome du Laos
-Tomato Malakhilovaya Shkatvlka
-Black Krim
-Mr. Stripy
-Yellow Brandywine

-County Gentleman

-Long Bean Chinese Green Noodle
-Jefferson Running Lima

-Patissons Panache Jaune Et Vert Scallop

-Black Diamond
-Watermelon Golden Midget
-Old Timey Sweet Hale Cantaloupes

-Red Romaine
-Red Of Florence Onion
-Purple Of Sicily Cauliflower

-Purple & White Angels Trumpet
-Evening Sun Sunflower

Feel free to contact me
Heirloom Tomatoes and Peppers For Exchange
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Hello everyone. I am here to look for some trades to further increase my collection of heirloom seeds. I am interested in most any type of pepper, tomato, or squash. I have a limited supply of seeds so I will only be able to do small amounts of seed exchanges (5-15 seeds depending on the seeds interested in).
This is the list of what I have:









Some of the Seeds I'm most looking for include:
White Zebra
Purple Calabash
Marizol Gold
Orange Minsk
Black From Tula
Black Ethiopian
Black Seaman
White Queen
Paul Robeson
Omar's Lebanese
Cuban Black

Any Type of Paprika
Corno Di Toro
Fish Peppers

Anything odd or different from what I have.

All my seeds were harvested for 2014 growing season. Some I harvested myself other I have gotten from friends. I have tested all seeds for viability to make sure they grow. All are doing great. In many cases, every seed planted sprouted up.
Painted Mountain Corn, Russian Sorrel For Exchange
No Picture
Will swap Painted Mountain Corn, organically grown in zone 5. Originally developed for zone 4, it can be planted before the last frost. Beautiful Indian corn, for corn on the cob or flour corn - Makes the best pancakes! The most genetically diverse corn out there. Dependable yielder, most have two ears, and still produce if blown down. Blue, black, purple, reds, yellows, white kernels. High in anthocyanadins according to the wonderful guy who developed this. Genetic base is heirloom Indian corns - see website. 2013 seed. Refrigerated.
3 - 6
Tomato seeds for any veggie seed For Exchange
No Picture
Hi, I am starting a community vertical garden open to all. I don't have a lot of seeds to trade, but do have a few of several interesting tomatoes (can offer 4-5 of any tomato seed). If anyone has seeds to spare and wants to support a community garden, I can trade, take donations and pay shipping or will pay an affordable price for your seeds. (I have Paypal). I'd love a nice variety for a starting-out garden. Please contact me with interest. Thank you!

I have Tomatoes (a few seeds of each):
Cherokee Purple
Jetsetter OP
Unknown Dark Tomato
Azoychka Tomato
San Marzano Bush
Ohio Red

I seek anything, including but not limited to:
Peppers - hot and mild
carrots - colorful
herbs - any
anything else for zone 5 growing!
50 Red cherry tomatoes For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
I have a huge bundle of 1200 cherry tomato seeds. These are a common, perectly round hybrid types, and are very easy to grow. They are sweet, and have a soft texture.
wide range
wanted For Exchange
No Picture
Absolutely new to seed exchange nearly new to seed saving. I have large garden space to fill and I'm interested in any and all heirloom vegetables or small fruits like strawberries. Currently I have available my first seed saving project giant marconi cross pepper seed. These pepper seed were harvested in 2012 and are what I have left 10-20 seed per pack multiple packs available. The pepper fruits are very large like the giant marconi mother plant and mildly hot presumably like the father plant. Not germination tested for 2014 although 100% of the seed I planted 2013 produced plants. I prefer to trade for jerusalem artichoke, rare heirloom melons, or rare heirloom tomatoes. I will consider other trades or will sell for $2.00/pk if you supply a bubble envelope and postage back to you.
Short N' Sweet Carrots For Exchange
Small sweet carrots that are fairly easy to grow. They look very small, but they are plump and crispy. Good eaten with salads, steamed or eaten raw. A good heirloom for small growers.
In return I really want spinach or any of the following. If you don't have any of the following, just reply with what you have.TOMATOES
-Pink brandywine
-sweet 100
-Eva purple ball
-Yellow Brandywine
-Sun Sugar
-Black pearl
-Any green or bicolor tomatoes


-any medical uses herbs
-bee balm
-lemon thyme
-thai basil
-lemon grass

-Purple Italian globe
-green globe
-any other spinach

-butter lettuce-aka-Boston lettuce
-mache (French)
-Oak leaf lettuce
-Merveille des Quatres Saisons

-yellow or purple raspberries
-Boyne raspberries
-black raspberries or Black Hawk
-Brigitta blueberries
-Auraura blueberries
-Ozark beauty strawberries
-Honeoye strawberries
-Apache blackberries
-Red currants
-ground cherry


-coffee beans
20-25 French Frisee (lettuce) For Exchange
Frisee, a.k.a. curly endive, is a wonderful and crunchy lettuce perfect for salads. You can make it with bacon bits and cheese to make a fulfilling meal. Because this heirloom is so rare, you will often have to buy a small head for four to five dollars, so growing it saves money.
In return I want seeds of the same quantity:

-Pink brandywine
-sweet 100
-Eva purple ball
-Yellow Brandywine
-Sun Sugar
-Black pearl
-Any green or bicolor tomatoes


-lemon thyme

-butter lettuce-aka-Boston lettuce
-mache (French)
-Oak leaf lettuce

-yellow or purple rasberries
-Boyne rasberries
-black rasberries or Black Hawk
-Brigitta blueberries
-Auraura blueberries
-Ozark beauty strawberries
-Honeoye strawberries
-Apache blackberries
-Red currants
-ground cherry


-coffee beans
-star fruit

These are only suggestions, so if you have an interesting plant seeds, I would be wiling to trade.
6-7 or warmer
Pigeon Pea (Cajan cajanus) For Exchange or Free,For Exchange or Sale
Tall (these got to be about 6-8 ft.for me) Shrubby edible legume. Perennial for a few years where it can escape frost. Great permaculture plant-wonderful fodder, fixes nitrogen. Drought tolerant and can grow in crappy soil. Produces lots of biomass for "chop and drop"
8 and above, for sure. Maybe cooler, but it's long season.
Dragon Fruit For Exchange
I have dragon fruit seeds with great germination (10 out of 10 for me) that I'm willing to trade for any of the following:

Lambs Ear
Lupin Beans
Lemon Balm
Tabacco (not ornamental)
Licorice root
Marsh mallow
Tea tree
White Willow

I'm in zone 9.
50+ Giant strawberries For Exchange
These seeds produce giant edible fruits. Their texture is firm, but the insides are juicy. The strawberries can measure from two to three inches. Great for fruit salads, marmalades, or just for snacking. Often they are oddly shaped.
In return I want seeds of the same quantity:

-Pink brandywine
-sweet 100
-Eva purple ball
-Yellow Brandywine
-Sun Sugar
-Black pearl
-Any green or bicolor tomatoes


-any medical uses herbs
-bee balm
-lemon thyme
-thai basil
-lemon grass

-Purple Italian globe
-green globe
-any other spinach

-butter lettuce-aka-Boston lettuce
-mache (French)
-Oak leaf lettuce
-Merveille des Quatres Saisons

-yellow or purple raspberries
-Boyne raspberries
-black raspberries or Black Hawk
-Brigitta blueberries
-Auraura blueberries
-Ozark beauty strawberries
-Honeoye strawberries
-Apache blackberries
-Red currants
-ground cherry


-coffee beans

These are only suggestions, so if you have an interesting plant seeds, I would be wiling to trade.
For Trade - Snow Peas For Exchange
No Picture
Seeds of Change 100% Certified Organic Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea
For trade - Baker Creek Yellow Onio For Exchange
No Picture
Baker Creek Heirloom Co. Yellow of Parma Onion
For trade - Baker Creek Carrot For Exchange
No Picture
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. Carrot Muscade
for trade - Curled Kale For Exchange
No Picture
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Blue Curled Scotch Kale
Seeds for trade from S.E. Asia For Exchange
No Picture
I live in Southeast Asia and international trades are no problem

Seeds I have to trade:
Amaranth- Chinese 2 color edible variety (green and burgundy), out for now
Arugula - rocket, lots
*Short ‘n Sweet (Burbee) 2012
*tender sweet 2013
Chinese leaf beets- unknown organic heirloom variety from friend, (looks like some type of beet but we eat the greens, slightly sweet) better cooked but good raw, cool season (lots to trade) May 2014
Celery- tall Utah 52-70 Improved (Burbee) 2012
*National Pickling (American Seed) 2012 &2013
*Apple Cucumber (Yates) Australia 2013
*grandrapids leaf (American seed company) 2009 still sprouting well, growing now
*green oak leaf (Johny’S)2012
Malabar Spinach 2013
New Zealand Spinach 2013
*Tokyo green onion 2013
*White bunching spring onion 2012
*Red Rocket OG Cayenne thin walled drying (Johny’s) 2012 (prolific producer)
*Cayenne (forgot what variety from UK, pretty sure it is F1 ) small plants, good for containers
*Chili de Arbol ( 2014
*and a few other heirloom peppers in very limited number
Pineapple seed(from store bought pineapple, untested, saved only because they are unusual, 5 years to fruit from seed)2014
Tomatillo de Milpa- organic purple 2014 - lots
*Beefsteak 2013

Sweet- lots May 2014
Genovese 2013
Thai - lots 2014
Coriander/Cilantro 2013/2014 lots
Dill, Fern Leaf 2014 lots

Bee Balm- Panorama Mix (Johnny’s)2012
Nasturium- Night and Day (Johnny’s) 2012

Native Florida Wild Everglades Tomato
hongfeng cai (Okinawin spinach)

Cajun bell
Aji Dulce

Perpetual spinach (Beta vulgaris var cicla)

root knot nematode antagonistic plants
Edible things that grow in semi-tropical climate
powdery mildew resistant cucumbers or squash
Eden Brothers Seeds For Trade or Sale For Exchange
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Just purchased following seeds (Heirloom except where noted)

Arugula Seeds "Wild Rocket" Eruca Sativa
Brussel Sprouts Seeds "Long Island Improved"
Cabbage Seeds "Brunswick"
Chinese Cabbage Seeds "Michihili" Brassica Rapa
Chinese Cabbage Seeds "Pak Choi White Stem" Brassica Rapa (not Heirloom)
Eggplant Seeds - "Black Beauty" - Solanum melongena
Fennel Seeds "Foeniculum Vulgare"
Kohlrabi Seeds "Purple Vienna" Brassica oleracea
Lima Beans (Henderson)
Parsnip Seeds "Hollow Crown" Pastinaca sativa
Pumpkin Seeds "Small Sugar" Curcubita pepo
Rutabaga "American Purple Top" Brassica Napus (not Heirloom)
Swiss Chard Seeds "Ruby Red" Beta vulgaris
Turnip Seeds "Golden Ball" Brassica rapa

Will trade 5-20 seeds for following

Primary Interest:
Hot Peppers
Sweet Corn
Yellow Squash
Butternut Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Tomato (not Cherry)

Secondary Interest:
Green Beans
Romaine Lettuce
Sweet Peppers
Exchange/Trade wanted! For Exchange
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what i have to trade:

*** i am looking to trade small quantities of seeds(5-20) to maximize diversity in my garden. Please do not email me saying "i want all of your ..... seeds" I will only trade small quantities.

**All seeds i have to trade were purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company ( packed for 2014.

Broccoli (Romanesco Italia)
Amaranth (love lies bleeding)
Kale (Dwarf Siberian)
Cauliflower (purple of sicily)
Lettuce (Lolla Rossa)
Beet (chiogga/bassano)
Endive (riccia cuor d'oro)
heirloom tomato (Purple Russian)
heirloom tomato (Violet Jasper/ Tzi Bi U)
heirloom tomato ( Purple Calabash)
heirloom tomato (Dr.Wyche's Yellow)

Chinese paper lanterns (edible berry)

basil- lime
basil- cinnamon
basil- lettuce leaf
basil- thai holy kaprao


What i'm looking for:

*** i am mainly looking to trade small quantities of seeds(5-20) to maximize diversity in my garden.

runner beans
corn (striped,blue or red)
Armenian cucumbers
brussel sprouts
strawberry spinach
garden huckleberry
various greens (preferably colorful)

any basil varieties i don't have
bronze fennel

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